Looking forward to Mother’s day

Every year, I look forward to Mother’s Day.  I consider it a turning point in the weather.  By Mother’s Day, I expect to have blue skies, warm sunshine, and flowers blooming.  I like to spend Mother’s Day shopping for flowers for my gardens and setting up my patio furniture.  The day after Mother’s Day, I start my spring cleaning.  I wash the windows and the curtains, strip the sheets off the beds, and make sure to vacuum up the dust in all the corners.  I love opening the windows and finally letting in a fresh breeze.  I also schedule service for my air conditioner.  I hire my local HVAC contractor to inspect my cooling system, replace any worn or broken parts, and thoroughly clean the inner workings.  If I have my air conditioner professionally serviced, I don’t need to worry about it throughout the summer.  I know that it’s ready to handle the summer workload.  Because I am enrolled in a maintenance plan with my local HVAC contractor, I get a discount on the cost of any repairs and free emergency service.  Mother’s Day is this coming week, and the weather is completely awful.  I’m still running my furnace day and night.  If I go shopping for plants, I will need to wear my winter coat.  I have no interest in setting up my patio furniture, and there’s no way I can open the windows in the house.  The cold weather has not motivated me to schedule service for my air conditioner.  I feel like summer will never get here.HVAC equipment

Public presentations

I get very nervous when I am told I have to speak in front of a crowd of people. I will generally start to sweat and my neck and face get all red and splotchy. I recently took a new job and it requires me to present to the board members every now and then. I started to see a therapist to work on my fear of presentations and I think it is going well. I really like my therapist, she has a very calm voice and her office is really comfortable. We have tried several different types of therapy including hypnosis. I did not like the hypnosis to much, when I woke up I felt very anxious and out of sorts. I enjoy regular talking sessions. She has an air conditioner that hums quietly in the background too. I enjoy being there, it makes our sessions a lot more relaxing. Last week I went to meet with her and the air conditioner was a lot louder than it usually is. So she suggested we go out for coffee. I guess her air conditioner kept acting up because the next time we met she filled me in on how she ended up having to call an HVAC technician to come service her unit. So she spend a couple days either working from home or sharing a co worker’s office. The air conditioner was serviced and was now running better than it had been before! I will miss the humming noise it used to make.

commercial HVAC 

Getting our HVAC system checked

My family and I are very lucky.  We are able to live in an area where the weather is sunny and warm most of the year.  The house we own is small but it works for us.  On most days life just goes on without any major glitches.  This was not the case when our HVAC system decided it was done working.  We came home from work to find the house very warm.  I wanted that day was to sit and relax.  That all changed quickly.  I began looking through the phone book to find a repairman.  The ones with the big advertisements that took up a page were not open and had emergency numbers only.  I knew that meant they would charge big fees to come out after hours to do any repairs.  I kept looking and found a local HVAC company that had simply the name and phone number.  I decided to take a chance and give them a call.  The gentleman that answered the phone sounded like had woken him from nap.  I was a bit worried.  I explained the problem and he said he could be right over.  We were not sure what to expect but decided to take a chance.  When the technician arrived we were pleasantly surprised.  He was professionally dressed and very nice.  He spent over an hour assessing the problem.  When he finished he informed us that it was a simple problem with the wiring.  He had it up and running in no time.  He has been our technician since.  It goes to prove that bigger is not always better.

HVAC installer 

Feeling miserable at the doctor’s office

Last week I had to go to the doctor for a physical.  I absolutely hate going to the doctor.  Since it was a beautiful spring day, I dressed in a T-shirt and sweatpants.  I arrived at the doctor’s office about ten minutes before my scheduled appointment.  Even though I have seen this same doctor a bunch of times, I still needed to fill out about ten pages of information.  Then I sat in a very uncomfortable chair in the waiting room.  The temperature was about a thousand degrees, and I could feel a steady blast of overheated air hitting me.  I wanted to switch chairs, but the waiting room was full.  There was over a half a dozen people sitting there, wasting their time, waiting for the doctor.  I think he scheduled all of us at the same time, which is incredibly rude.  I spent forty-five minutes sweating in that waiting room.  I then got called into the exam room, where I had to strip down to my underwear and put on a paper gown.  The exam room was about thirty degrees, and my paper gown was definitely not warm enough.  I think they had the heat blasting in the waiting room, and the air conditioning running in that exam room.  The temperature control in the doctor’s office is horrible.  I then spent a half an hour waiting for the doctor, shivering like crazy.  When he finally showed up, he donated about five minutes of his time.  Then he charged me fifty bucks.  I took off from work for my doctor’s appointment, and I ended up sick because of all of the severe temperature swings.climate control

Air quality and HVAC

You expect your heating and cooling system to manage the temperature in your home.  It keeps the house nice and warm in the winter, and refreshingly cool in the summer.  Your HVAC system is also responsible for your air quality.  It pulls air from the rooms of the house, passes it through the ductwork, and delivers the same air back.  As the indoor air travels through the HVAC unit, it is filtered to eliminate contaminants such as dust, pollen, and airborne particles.  The HVAC system needs to maintain humidity levels at an acceptable level.  It is important that the air conditioner remove excess moisture from the indoor environment without overcooling.  The furnace needs to sufficiently heat the house without over drying the air.  The system accomplishes superior air quality by providing adequate circulation and ventilation.  Poor indoor air quality has been directly linked to allergies, asthma, respiratory infections, and other health concerns.  Since most people spend an average of ninety percent of their time indoors, clean, fresh, and healthy indoor air quality is extremely important.  If your HVAC system is more than ten years old, it might not be capable of handling your air quality needs.  It might not be compatible with additions, such as an air purifier or humidifier.  If you have not kept up with professional maintenance of your HVAC equipment, the system may be clogged with dust, mold, and bacteria.  It may be contributing to problems with air quality.  It is a good idea to have your HVAC unit inspected by a licensed HVAC contractor.  He can diagnose the efficiency and effectiveness of your heating and cooling equipment, and provide necessary cleaning.

Grabbing coffee in the morning

Recently, my friends and I were coming home from a road trip. We had to be home by early afternoon, and it was a couple hours of driving time until we got home, plus an hour or so for stops along the way, so we decided to get up at eight in the morning to start getting ready for the long trip home. However, I am the only one with their license, so I was obviously the one who would be driving, and I do not do very good with waking up early in the morning and having to drive, so my only condition was that we had to leave a little early so we could stop and drink some coffee somewhere. We found a local shop we thought we could try. The coffee was good, but the heating in that coffee shop was way too high. I mean, maybe the heating system itself was not all that high in reality, but any form of overall heating combined with the heat radiating out from the kitchen would cause any place to heat up pretty quickly. This combined with hot coffee did not make it any better. I downed the coffee as quickly as I could because it really was overheated in there and I did not want to have to sit in an overheated coffee shop for much longer. However, this made the car ride even worse for me, which was not great because I had to drive us. I blasted the air conditioning, and I didn’t even care that my friends were complaining that I had the air conditioning on way too high. Being in that coffee shop with the heat so high really did make me feel sick.

central air conditioning 

Fixing the HVAC system

When I was in high school, I had a really close group of friends. We visited each other’s houses weekly for dinners, sleepovers, and other random get-togethers. I knew all of their families really well, so I never felt awkward or uncomfortable spending a lot of time with any of them. They always made me feel truly welcome at their homes. At my own home, my parents always used as little heat and air conditioning as possible because it was really expensive at the time. I loved going to my best friend’s house because her mom was a great cook and both her parents had a really good sense of humor. At my best friend’s house, her parents loved for the house to be over-the-top warm. I mean, most people would be uncomfortable with how hot it was in their house all winter. I didn’t even want to think about how fancy and expensive their HVAC equipment must have been. It must have cost them a fortune to heat their house every day. I wondered if they kept the heat that high throughout the night as well. I would wake up sweating to death every night if I lived there! My best friend mentioned that her mom was best friends with the local HVAC technician. She said the technician came over the same day anything went wrong with the heating and cooling. One time last summer, the air conditioning vent was malfunctioning and the technician made it to their house in less than thirty minutes. I bet my friend’s mom gave really good tips for fixing the HVAC units.

The office is too hot

I love my job. I love everything about it. I love my office. It has a dark wood desk and an amazing computer. I love my coworkers. They are all so friendly and helpful. My job has an amazing environment. Last week we had some snow outside. It was viciously cold outside. I wore a sweater and my thicker dress pants. Throughout the day I was beginning to sweat a little. The next day I was sweating as well. I decided to check the thermostat in the office. I lowered the temperature, but it was still overwhelmingly hot. After a few days of constantly lowering the heat I decided to ask my boss for help. The heat was set at 65, but the office temperature was at 85. My boss was outraged. He did not understand what was happening. He immediately called an HVAC service company. Lucky for me the company came by the office about an hour after my boss called. I already had all the windows in the office open. None of the workers could do their job while being so hot. We needed the heating system fixed quickly. The heating and cooling company sent over two certified repairmen to take a look at the heating issue. After about an hour or the HVAC repairmen said the problem was fixed and we should all be comfortable soon. The only problem was I forgot to close all the windows in the office. The next day we came into work and it was freezing. Luckily for us the HVAC system was now working so well that as soon as we closed the windows the place heated up quickly.

home comfort 

Roughing it

When travelling through Europe we decided that people there do not worry about comfort as much as people in the United States.  Here in the states we are spoiled by temperature control being available in most places.   As we made our way through the countryside we would stop at quaint little dinners and stay at hostels.  A hostel is similar to a boarding house.  Most of these had no HVAC system at all.  During the warm months, they opened to windows.  If it was cold, they built a fire in the main room.  This is not the ideal way to maintain any level of comfort.  The local population seemed to accept this as normal.  For us, it was downright unbearable.  Lying in bed and sweating was not our idea of fun.  I would dream at night of my air conditioned home.  In the morning, we would shower, take time for breakfast and we were on our way.  On rare occasions we would stop in a town that had an actual hotel.  The rooms were air conditioned and it was a nice break.  The sights and experiences of travelling through Europe were well worth the discomfort.  We are home now and enjoy sharing our stories and photos with friends.  The best part is sharing them in our comfortable home.  Our HVAC system is great and I don’t think we will travel again to a place without this feature.  Air conditioning make such a difference when you are tired after a long day of sightseeing.  Maybe our next adventure will be a cruise.

air conditioner service 

A nice ski trip

Skiing has always been my most entertaining hobby and a true passion of mine. I will admit, I have dabbled in the dark arts of snowboarding, but it that only when I was younger and much foolish. That was before I saw the errors in the life I was living and decided to correct them. Now I ski full time, competing for a spot on the Olympics team as well as teaching lessons to up-and-coming athletes. There is nothing quite like landing a perfect 1080 with a forty foot spread. As much as I like skiing, I have to admit that the best part is chilling out in the lodge afterwards and taking a ski boot off. Of course after that little bit the best part is enjoying the heating system that the lodge has to offer. Indeed, I have been enjoying the furnace setups of various ski lodges for over thirty years now. I am not as old as that sounds, I started skiing when I was only two. Anyway, I have definitely run into some ski lodges with horrible heating systems installed. These are the kind that I would never leave a good yelp review for, and honestly don’t usually go back to. I just don’t see the point skiing somewhere that does not have a good HVAC system. If I am going to invest my money in skiing at an establishment I expect to be comfortable once I get done with my day of practice! And premium comfort means nice seating, good food, and an outstanding HVAC system.

heating equipment