My heating and cooling service worked!

My HVAC company representative called me the other day and said I should have a tune-up done on my centralized heating and air conditioning system. I asked him why and he said that I have a state of the art home heating and air conditioning system that consists of an air handler and heat pump, and that it has to be inspected periodically to insure that it is in good working order. He said that he’ll do such things as clean and inspect the burners in my furnace, inspect my heat exchanger for leaks or cracks, measure certain temperatures and pressures, adjust my refrigerant levels, lubricate moving parts and do whatever else is necessary to insure my HVAC system and ductwork is in good working order. I like to compare this with a tune-up on your car, where the mechanic will change your spark plugs, top up your fluids and change your oil and air filter. Your home heating and cooling system is just like a car, it has a lot of moving parts so it needs to be inspected and adjusted from time to time. Some things you can do on your own, like cleaning  the leafs from your heat pump and changing the filter on your air handler. But your central air conditioning and heating system is a complex unit that needs professional service. Your HVAC provider has the necessary tools and training to do a proper inspection on your system to insure that everything is in good working order.

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Worrying about my furnace

Today I am sitting at my desk at work, trying desperately hard not to fall asleep. I have been holding my eyelids open in an attempt to try to stay focused, but that just made me feel even more tired. My son was up all night last night with flu symptoms. My husband works night shifts, so I am the only person home to be up with the baby. So, now I’m literally exhausted, and about to fall over into my coffee. What makes matter even worse, is that the heat is set at a nice and comfy level, the perfect temperature where you can so easily fall asleep. The HVAC system in our office works so well since they upgraded last month. On days when it is warm, the air conditioner makes the temperature feel perfectly balanced. It’s not terribly cold, but you feel cool and comfortable. On cold days like today, the furnace kicks on, and makes you feel like you could fall asleep like a baby. My HVAC unit at home works this well also.  I sleep so well at home in the air conditioning. When the baby sleeps through the night, and I am able to drift off in perfectly climate controlled 68 degree weather, I am as happy as can be. And then the kids wake up and want things, and I have to go back to being Mom again.  I’m going to have to talk to my husband about switching back to day shift if I can’t get any sleep. I’m miserable, and I can’t do anything about it.

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I’m covered in sweat

After I completed college and finished with a degree in finance, I wasn’t ready to sell my soul to Wall Street just yet, so I decided to bum around for a few months on my buddy’s couch and bartend. Maybe it wasn’t the most useful way to spend my time, but it was six long years of college, and I needed a brain break. I barely had any bills, other than my student loans, which weren’t severe because of an academic scholarship. I took a job at a local bistro and pub as the evening bartender. It seemed like the perfect job. I get to meet hot chicks, sleep until three o’clock in the afternoon, and relax for the first time. After the third straight night of hell, I arrived back at my friend’s house, and the power was shut down completely on his HVAC unit. It was the middle of June, so the temperature outside was sweltering during the daytime. The temperature inside wasn’t terrible yet, because it was dark outside, and still the cooler part of the night. My buddy told me he was going to have the air conditioner repaired in the morning. After I found a small desk fan in the garage, I drifted off to sleep rather comfortably. I woke up drenched in sweat, covered in beads of water, and soaked through to the sheets. It was ten in the morning and the air conditioner still wasn’t working. I called my friend at work, and he said that the HVAC repair guy would be there sometime between 10am and 4pm. Great, that sounds like a sleepless day to me!

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I like my oil furnace

I am kind of an old school kind of guy, so I have an old oil furnace in my home. I know I would probably be better off with a modern HVAC system, but I like the simplicity of the oil furnace. It is also kind of organic when you think about it. I can go down in the basement and see the little pilot lamp burning in the furnace. I like to see the oil truck show up in the winter and I enjoy watching the man hook up his big hose and pump my tank full of oil. My neighbor has a state of the art HVAC system, complete with a heat pump, centralized air conditioning and even a smart thermostat. He sometimes sets the thermostat from his phone. His thermostat is digital as well, and it actually lights up his hallway at night. I like my old thermostat, however, as I can take it apart and clean it when necessary. I do have to admit though that his air quality seems to be better than mine. I guess burning oil in your basement can’t be all that good for your indoor air quality. I do have a guy from my HVAC company come out each year and clean my ductwork. But it only does so much good. One thing I like about my oil furnace is that I can shop for a deal on oil. If you buy it in the summer for instance, it is cheaper than in the dead of winter. My neighbor’s HVAC equipment is all electric so he just pays whatever the utility company charges for electricity. He is on an average monthly payment plan though, so I guess he saves some money with that.

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Coffee shop air conditioning

The best part about my job is that I am able to work remotely. I love having the flexibility to do things on my own time, from anywhere in the world. I value my freedom and the ability to travel anywhere at any time, so I love my job for this reason. A lot of people say they would love to work from home, but honestly, it’s not as easy as it sounds.  When you’re not in an office, you don’t have someone watching over you. Nobody is going to tell you that you’re five minutes late, or that you have to skip lunch, or that you can’t stop working at lunchtime. Yes you can set your own schedule based on personal preferences, but you also need to be extremely self-disciplined, and manage your time wisely. On most days, I work from my home office. However, every now and then I need to switch it up. One of my favorite places to go get work done is at a local coffee shop. Once I get caffeine in me, I can sit there for hours just cranking out work. I go pretty often, and I’ve learned my way around. When I first visited, I always sat under an air vent and froze. People are constantly coming and going, so the air is always blasting through the vents to keep the place cool. Sitting under one of these vents can be miserable. I’ve learned to pick my seat according to the location of the vents. This way I don’t freeze while trying to get my work done.air-conditioning-service

A missing piece from the air conditioner

Camping in the summer time can be kind of a pain when you think about everything that you have to plan for.  No matter where you go, you have to think about how you’re going to cook, where you’re going to pitch your tench, or whether you want to bring a camper, are there bathrooms close by, and how far away from civilization do you want to be.  Camping in the summer, you actually don’t see many tent campers around because of the heat.  Most times, you drive through a camp ground and see just a couple tents and the rest seem to be fully outfitted campers, large and small.  Although it is cooler in the woods, it still can be too hot to try and sleep in a tent during the summer.  They can get extremely stuffy and humid.  Most of these campers, however, have air conditioning units attached to them.  Recently, when I was tent camping, there was a large trailer camper right next to our site.  They had everything you could ever need; they had lights, cooking, bathroom, and most important of all, the air conditioner that would run all the time.  One night, we heard there air conditioner turn on and was making a horrible clicking noise when the fan would turn on.  We eventually went over to their campsite to ask if they could check out where the noise was coming from.  After looking closer, they realized that the fan blade of the air conditioner was hitting a piece of wood that had somehow lodged itself between the blades and the fan walls.  They ended up having to call an HVAC technician to come out and remove the object from their units fan.  After it was removed, everything was working perfectly and soundless once again.

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Getting an air purifier

My allergies have always been killer in the spring and summer months. Once the pollen starts coming out, I start sneezing, and I usually don’t stop until there’s snow on the ground. I also have an allergy toward cats, but since I’m an animal lover, I couldn’t help but get a kitten. I picked him up from a local animal shelter last week and named him Gilbert. He’s adorable, but unfortunately sheds hair and dander all over the place. Gilbert has already become the love of my life in the few short days I’ve known him, so I will have to find some way to get over my allergies. I’ve tried taking allergy medication as a preventative measure, but I’m not too keen on the idea of having to take a pill multiple times a day to be comfortable around my cat. When I told my sister of my problem, she recommended I call my HVAC contractor to have an air purifier installed in my home. The purifier would work with my existing HVAC unit to remove dander and allergens from my home’s air, which are the cause of my problems. Thankfully, my HVAC contractor is incredibly timely and said that they could send an HVAC technician out to my home tomorrow to estimate the installation costs of an air purifier. I don’t know what the costs will be, but frankly I don’t really care. I don’t think a price can be set on comfort in my own home, and the ability to have my own furry best friend without sneezing up a storm.

My Aunt is crazy

My father’s name is Donald, but his parents called him Don. HIst sister’s name is Dawnella, but his parents called her Dawn. Yep. Don and Dawn. What were they thinking? My Aunt Dawn is basically nuts. Once, when I was about 13 years old, I visited Dawn at her home several states away from mine. I traveled by myself, and if my folks had known she was so kooky, they might have canceled the trip. I recall vividly that Dawn did not believe in any sort of artificial cooling. That meant no air conditioning, and this was in the middle of very hot summer. She had an HVAC system in her condo, but refused to ever turn it on, so it was stifling and humid at all times. She also refused to use a refrigerator, and instead kept perishable food like milk, eggs and produce under a clear plastic pyramid on her counter. She believed the “power of the pyramid” would keep milk from going sour. I begged her to turn the central air conditioning on, but she would never touch the thermostat. A blast of cool air and some constant circulation from a fan would have been so welcome. I was sweaty and irritated the entire trip, and wished I had been old enough to hire a local HVAC provider to explain to her it was unhealthy to keep your home so damp and hot. These days, I appreciate the value of my professionally installed, smart zone system that lets me control the climate with my smartphone. My Aunt and I do not speak anymore.

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Tips for your heating and cooling

For the past year or so, I have been dealing with a terrible flea infestation in my tiny garage apartment. My landlords accidentally brought a bunch of fleas into my home. How did they do this, you may wonder? Well, they had just come from my neighbor’s house, which was – you guessed it – horribly infested with fleas! So, the flea eggs got on my landlords’ shoes, and were shaken off into my carpet, where they decided to hatch and settle down. Now, my kitty cat is miserable, and I have little red bite marks on both of my ankles! In researching how to get rid of fleas, I learned that the two things fleas need most to reproduce are heat and humidity. I live in a part of the country that is both hot and humid most of the year, so my apartment is the perfect climate for fleas. So, I now have to upgrade my central AC system. I need a new air conditioning unit that can make my whole living space much cooler. I need to set my thermostat to 70 degrees and know it will stay at that temperature for days. I may also have to invest in a professional dehumidifier to extract excess moisture from the air in my apartment. I have already called three different HVAC providers in my area and once they send out technicians to inspect and give me a free estimate on installation of both a new HVAC unit and a dehumidifier, I can pick the best price and bid farewell to these fleas. My cat cannot wait!air-conditioning

This is how HVAC actually works

  In college, I played club soccer in the fall and indoor in the winter.  I have played soccer since I was 6 years old.  I’ve always been athletic and very competitive.  When I first started playing I was immediately hooked, the exercise I got and the friends I made were all well worth the sometimes stressful games.  My favorite time to play soccer was always in the fall.  The leaves would begin to change and it was finally sweatshirt weather.  I could always go inside and warm up next to the heater too.  In the fall, the weather was always perfect.  It would get a little hot running around for 90 minutes straight but we were always able to escape to the locker room during half time to soak up the air conditioning.  They always had the A/C full blast to help us recuperate faster before the second half of the game.  In the winter months when I played indoor soccer, it was much different.  It was hotter playing inside because they wanted to make things comfortable for the spectators.  The heat was always on and it was tougher to play for the full 90 minutes without getting overheated.  But, compared to playing outside in the wintertime, the heating always felt better than the bitter cold.  The HVAC units had to be on at all times in order to keep the temperature to the desired comfort level for everyone.  Whether it was the fall or the winter, I always appreciated having the cool A/C in the fall and the warmth of the heat in the winter.

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