When you need air duct cleaning

Do you ever wonder why you see dust particles floating in your bedroom? Do you sense you have worse allergies indoors? Is your house stuffy in summer? If so, you should clean your HVAC ductwork. There are lots of allergens and dust particles that collect in your vents and air ducts throughout every season. When your air conditioner powers up in the summertime, these allergens and other airborne debris are pushed and circulated throughout your house so you should take the time to clean up your ductwork. Just about any HVAC company may be hired to clean your ductwork any time during the year. The best times to have your ductwork and vents cleaned is at the beginning of spring and fall. Then, you are prepared for the winter and summer season as soon as heating and cooling begins to run. Every bit that collects through the cold winter season and also the summer will be cleared from your own home. Failure to clean out your ductwork will result in a dirty house as well as increase your risks of getting sick. Many people suffer from the common cold throughout every season because of dirty air ducts. There are lots of ways to clean your ductwork, but calling a professional HVAC company will ensure you have got the cleanest ducts and freshest indoor quality of air. So, before you start considering turning on your A/C this summer, remember to get your air ducts cleaned using a professional! Don’t wait. You may be required to clean them sooner than you think!

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hoping buddy will help with HVAC

From time to time, working with friends is a lot more stressful than helpful. My father always said to keep friends separate from business but I ignored him. Now, I wish I might have taken his advice. I learned my lesson just last month when i had some troubles with my HVAC system. A friend of mine from college owned  his own HVAC contracting company, so I thought he’d be the perfect guy for the position. Being my friend, he gave us an immense discount on the HVAC work and only charged us for the materials that were required to fix our system. I was grateful for this when I scheduled the appointment. However, when the time came for him to fix our HVAC devices, he was three hours tardy. Working full time does not give me too much time to spare during the day, so as each hour passed, I was getting behind with more work. When he finally arrived, he had forgotten to bring the main tool to fix our HVAC accessories! I told him to reschedule and brushed it off as a simple mistake. But, that was not the end of the poor help. Not only did my friend track mud in your when he worked on our HVAC system, but he also left each one of his tools in our cellar! There was a mess of HVAC supplies in this particular basement for weeks after he finished thework. That will be the last time I make use of him for HVAC help, or any contractor friend for that matter!

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Want a better HVAC situation

I absolutely need  to move. My present living conditions are killing me. I live downstairs in a 2 storey apartment & my upstairs neighbors have no common sense. The music they play is rough, obscene, & though they understand that I must leave early for work, they keep it blasting till the wee hours of the night. The landlord obviously has no control over the entire situation. All he is interested in is collecting the cash for our overpriced rent.

          Every month he claims to have a proper Heating, Ventilation & A/C system  installed but that never happens.The air conditioning system here is well over ten years old & seldom works. It is painful having to deal with the hot summer season & shiver through every Winter without a reliable HVAC unit. Nobody should have to live in such a mese. The  area I move to must be sound proof & have an Heating, Ventilation & A/C method that is efficient. Most landlords nowadays understand the importance of making their tenants cozy, so their buildings are equipped with excellent air conditioning and heating. They leave nothing to chance, but ensure that the air conditioning systems and heating systems are evaluated & maintained on a regular basis! People have choices & they will obviously  choose quiet homes with cool, clean air pouring in from a reliable air conditioning and heating unit.

         I will be taking a month off of work to search for my new place to live that will definitely have heating and cooling. I  have gotten some wonderful leads from my friends at job so, with any luck, I will be moving into my cool, up-to-date home in a month.

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Heating during a terrible storm

My son is one of the strongest kids I know. Although he is younger, he is an inspiration & I learn from him every day! He is always chipper, despite his medical condition. He started having seizures as a teen. There are particular things that will cause these seizures. One of his triggers is chilly un-even temperatures. Because of this, it is essential that all of us keep a new & effective oil furnace running at all times. The two of us live in a chilly area with low un-even temperatures year round, and without our oil furnace my son would be truly sick. The two of us discovered this trigger when I accidentally forgot  to service our oil furnace. The furnace suddenly quit working a night during in a bad storm. I woke up that afternoon with the home at an extremely low temperature & with my son truly sick. I called the Heating, Ventilation & A/C supplier instantaneously. Because the storm was still heavy, they informed us that they could not send out a heating serviceman for at least a day. Usually that would be okay & I would just bundle up with blankets, but my poor son was not handling the lack of heating well. I explained the situation to the Heating, Ventilation & A/C specialist, & they were able to have someone come to service the component that day. I could not believe that the furnace  had stopped working because I had forgotten to have it maintained and didn’t change the filters. Now I am sure schedule our furnace maintenance accordingly. Without it, my son would have issues all the time! I do not know what I would do without a reliable heating company.

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Air conditioning is a staple

I do like to go out with my friends. It is 1 of my number one things to do on my list. There is nothing better than the end of a long work week, and the freedom of a Thursday evening with a new bar or club opening up. You have only a few beers with your friends, then stand in line just simply anticipating how the new place will look inside and if the music will be that good. Last weekend, my friends and I had shared this experience. We went to a brand new club in our neighborhood and were super excited about it too. While the people I was with and I had a great time there, there was only one small problem. There was no air conditioning in this club at all, and it is the middle of summertime too. The place was completely packed with people, people sitting shoulder to shoulder and dancing like crazy, but not one slight feel of a breeze of air conditioning from anywhere. We live in the south too, so air conditioning is a huge staple in our biweekly lives there. We have air conditioned cars, apartments, restaurants and offices. So, I believe the owner of the new club needs to certainly just change his style quickly. We were so drenched in sweat the people I was with and I had to leave much earlier than usual too, all because this locale had no air conditioning for us to use! I am really hoping that it is just a bug that management will work out very quickly, but until they get a nice air conditioner, I do not see us returning any time soon to this place. In the south, cooling system is an absolute must for us. Especially someplace crowded with a lot of people dancing, it just gets far too hot to go without a nice cooling system.

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Horrible plane climate control

With my task, I travel a lot. Pretty much regularly. I enjoy travelling, I enjoy being in a new neighborhood and a new country almost every week, I have been a history buff for my life and I have been able to see a lot of things with my work. The only drawback to travelling is that I spend a lot of time on airplanes. However and no one honestly enjoys flying, because there’s not much to enjoy I would say. I can deal with pretty much everything while flying–babies, annoying people on cell Phones, etc… However, what I hate the most is the rapidly decreasing temperatures from each flight. Occasionally the heat is on so high that it is physically nauseating to sit for hours on end there. Occasionally, the air conditioning is on high that I wish I had brought a blanket. I just wish that airplanes could have a kind of proper Heating and Air Conditioning setting to solve these problems! Especially with an international flight, I spend hours sitting in the same position which is uncomfortable. Add in some sort of silly temperature setting and it is all I can do not to go nuts mid-flight. I would love to walk onto a plane and immediately know what kind of temperature I am getting into, instead of regularly being caught right off guard. There are particular airlines that need to change their entire Heating and Air Conditioning plan because the rapidly decreasing temperatures are regularly really crazy! But I believe every job has its drawback anyway.

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Going without shoes with heated floors

When searching for a more current house a few years back I had looked at a lot of properties nearby.  One of the main features I was looking for in it was for there to be some soft carpeting on our floor there, as opposed to a wooded or a taxing floor.  Especially in the main residing areas, such as the kitchens & bathroom.  I had wanted it to be a very nice comfortable carpet, where our pets, or anything else, can lie very comfortably without the discomfortable floor that could be too chilly in some conditions there.  One afternoon, I had visited our friend’s residence & discovered heated carpeting for the very first time.  Because of our friends’ spiritual beliefs, I was not allowed to wear any shoes, so I had experienced the carpet heating directly on the soles of our feet.  The heated floor, along with the very perfect circulation of air, due to the smart Heating, Ventilation & A/C, almost made myself and others comfortable enough to sleep while resting in the middle of the house too.  I was so jealous of her home.  I asked how they managed to get a heated carpeting installed throughout the entire house though & they informed myself and others that it was there before even buying the house.  I had reached out to many Heating, Ventilation & A/C serviceman in the newspaper even, & it had turned out that most companies there sell smaller more concentrated forms of heated carpeting that would job well in smaller areas even.  Eventually, I gave up on the dream of getting the heated carpet, & decided to settle with the high end Heating, Ventilation & A/C plan that was already set up in our home when we bought it.  But I still get the feeling, every so often, how great it would be to have that feature all the time, when relaxing at my own home.

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Duplex has no air ducts

Recently my boyfriend & I moved into a smaller duplex with his sibling. At first, I was the only one in our room so I was sleeping on an air mattress in there, conveniently, the mattress was located directly in front of the one air vents in the room there. This meant when his sibling would turn down the a/c to go to bed I would be completely bombarded with that very chilly air that was almost too chilly for comfort I would say. When I had informed our boyfriend about this he was happy as he had a big tendency to get overly warm often & it caused him to not sleep through the night. A month later, our boyfriend & his king size mattress made their way into our room. Sadly, his mattress was bigger than the one I was using so the air vent didn’t hit us & it had been when I was on the air mattress. Our first night both we struggled to get to sleep & ended up waking up throughout the night, but both of us struggled to find a solution as getting a ceiling fan put in seemed too much hassle at the time on top of us not very being able to afford going out too & installing a ceiling fan on our own, but my boyfriend hastily remembered that he had a tiny box fan that could comfortably do the task for a little while. The fan lasted only about 2 weeks before rapidly giving out on us entirely. Both of us would turn the fan on but the blades refused to spin for us. It wasn’t until after our boyfriend had unscrewed the back of the fan & gave the blades a spin would the unit start. When it did get going it would let out this blood-curdling screech as if the engine was about to give right out. Both of us are now considering the ceiling fan again as it is only a matter of nights  before the box fan gives out.

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Need cleaner air quality when cooking

My friend Maggie loves to test new recipes, but she is not the greatest chef. Maggie has a tendency to burn everything that she makes. We joke that she should just get rid of her smoke detector. The smoke detector goes off daily since she typically burns her dish, none of us are actually concerned about an actual fire. Maggie’s birthday is coming up though and I want to get her a gift. I seriously considered getting her a new cookbook or maybe a less sensitive fire alarm. But I think I have a better approach. I think I am planning to get her an air cleanser. You see when she cooks away at her dish, the smoke and stinky odor fills the environment. Opening windows and using the air conditioner helps a lot but it takes forever to reduce smell of burnt toast. Also Maggie likes to cook weird items like bass, and fish has an odor that sticks around. The air purification system would take away the odors in her air level of quality. What is great is the air purifier can either be a separate device or set up with the AC system. I think it could be great to have the quality of air cleaner right with our a / c system. She always turn the A/C on when she is cooking anyway. The air conditioner will cool the kitchen and the air purifier will minimize the weird odors. A certainly thoughtful gift right? I know it is not very girly or fun, but I love the idea. Hopefully my lady likes it too.

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Thermostat settings are off now

I figured it would be okay to leave my pair of sons home alone. My husband Bobby and I have not gotten a weekend alone in many years. So we made a plan to do a small trip for a weekend. The boys are 13 and 11, so i assumed they could be left alone for a couple of days. They are too young to throw parties and would rather to play video games.  Well I failed to factor in that boys will be boys. During this romantic getaway with Bobby, I managed to get a call from my oldest son. Apparently the two were arguing between how low they might set the cooling system on. They messed around with your thermostat, constantly lowering the temperatures control. Then they left the AC on for hours while they played hockey on the blacktop outside. When they got back inside the air conditioner was not anymore on and they could not get it to turn on. I figured out what happened, they overheated the air conditioner. The air conditioner unit could not match the demand of the thermostat. Also I bet the boys left the windows open, and the outside heat made the house hotter, hence the AC device had to cool and cool to the unrealistic setting. Bobby and I sought to come home early. We had to contact the local HVAC business to come over to take a look at our AC device. It turned out to be an expensive cooling repair. The boys are going to have to work for Bobby and help pay money for that AC repair.

temperature control