The principles of heating

I can remember elementary school like it was yesterday. I have always had a good memory but elementary stands out the most to me because of the childhood memories of all of my friends. Plus I loved going to school around this time. I had the best teachers and kept in touch with one, she was my mentor throughout my entire education. I learned a lot and will always remember my fundamentals thanks to my grade school teachers coming up with songs and sayings to remember certain. I’ll always remember the process of heating in science class. There is conduction, radiation and convection. The other day I had my HVAC technician come to my home to see about updating my HVAC system. He was talking about these three heating processes and went into detail about them. He said that the reason why the heat in my home gets so hot is due to the conduction in the attic’s roof and windows. He said to minimize the heat I could install heat-reflecting roofs and add more insulation. Another way to keep my home cooler in the summer is by keeping my shades down from the sun’s radiation. Therefore I wouldn’t have to turn on my A/C as much. There is convection that can heat the house quickly through my furnace.  By having bedrooms upstairs my house seems warmer than my downstairs. With the hot air circulating, my body will take in the heat causing me to feel much more warmer upstairs than downstairs.HVAC service

One hot mess

Very seldom does it get cold where I come from, however, anything below the magic number of seventy-degrees might as well be freezing to us. We break out the snow jackets, wool socks, we even take thermoses of hot chocolate to school and work. Thankfully, our heating units seem to always provide us with comfortable temperatures, that is, except for last year. One day when it felt like it should be snowing, our house started to cool down at a fairly quick pace. Our thermostat wasn’t working properly, and we did not know what to do. My mom was bundled in blankets and jackets and she claimed she could even see her own breath. My dad, being a macho man, called me down and said we were to go out and fix our problem. With winds of up to five miles-per-hour and temperatures as low as fifty-five-degrees, we made our trek to the side of the house. Upon arriving our HVAC unit looked perfectly intact, and seemed to be functioning. Once we removed the side panel, we saw that superficial appearance was simply a facade. The wires were mangled, some even disconnected, there was rust and it looked like a mess. It being a sunday we knew our HVAC technician would not be able to make the trip, so we got to work on the heating unit. My mom called us to tell us that our small fireplace was being used as a furnace to keep them somewhat warm. Hearing this information drove me and my dad to want to succeed. After several hours, and waning sunlight, we left our workstation with blue fingers. It was going to be a cold night.

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Heat makes me look like a nerd

I have recently been prescribed glasses.  The glasses are helping me at work and I can now see better driving but sometimes I feel like a complete nerd.  It is winter, so as you know it is freezing outside and the heat is always on inside, no matter where you go.  I did not know that when you walk from the outside to inside with glasses on, the glasses fog up!  I look like a complete nerd whenever I walk inside with my glasses on.  I shouldn’t complain because I know that they are helping me, but who knew that an HVAC system could affect me so much.  Just the other day I went to a party with some friends.  We parked a few streets away and all walked in at the same time.  The second I stepped in the room, I felt the heat and my glasses completely fogged up.  Everyone made fun of me!  I wish there was an HVAC system that could detect glass and eliminate fogging.  It almost makes me want to not wear glasses, but I know I need to.  This is something I am going to have to get used to, regardless of the HVAC system. I would be mad if I went to a party that didn’t have heat in the winter, so I guess this is just a part of wearing glasses and something I will have to get used to.  I never thought I would be blame looking like a nerd on an HVAC system, but I am!  Hopefully this doesn’t happen in the summer, I would hate to walk inside to air conditioning and have to deal with this same thing.  Maybe I should look into getting a prescription for contacts!

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The costs of sweating

After graduating from college, I was extremely eager to move out of my childhood home and into an apartment of mine own. I liked the feeling of independence and not “reporting” to my mom or dad. In doing so, I knew there would be added expenses to the cost of living. I’d have to pay for my rent, utilities, groceries, and so on. What I failed to consider, was the escape from central air to enter into a world of powerless ceilings fans and open windows. After one miserable week without air conditioning, I knew it was time to purchase an HVAC system of my own. I couldn’t bare the dry heat any longer. I didn’t want an air conditioner that sat on my window, but one that would really cool down my entire apartment. I did my research online and found an air conditioner that promoted extreme coolness, portable, and a no-drip design to do the auto-evaporation function inside. Little did I know that air conditioner purchase would be my saving grace for months to come. Before my air conditioner, I would have to take 2-3 cold showers a day, just to feel sane and fresh. Because I was still in the process of moving into my second floor apartment, I would constantly be working up a sweat from the heavy lifting. Sweat would fall into my eyes, making it unbearable to live let alone move furniture around. Now that my air conditioner cools my whole house, I have the peace of mind of moving at my own speed and sweat free.

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Living in the south with air ducts

I have never heard of certain things that occur in the south until I started living there. I never knew that certain southern foods such as grits were such a popular hit. This is because where I used to live up north, there would never be grits in any of the restaurants. I felt somewhat silly when I asked one of my new friends when we went out to breakfast what grits were. Not only are there different types of food, but there is also different types of bugs. There are many different types of spiders and even cockroaches. I have never seen a cockroach before where I lived but that could be mainly because the climate is so cold. I had to call my HVAC technician multiple times to see if there were ways that I could keep out a type of cockroach from living out of my air ducts. It is so disgusting but my HVAC technician has told me that it is pretty popular where I live since they like to nest in the trees that hover over my house. They will find ways into my home and creep into the air ducts. They prefer the air ducts because it is dark and cool in there since I run my air conditioning unit almost all year. My HVAC technician also told me that I could switch out the air registers so that it is somewhat harder for the bugs to get into but if I wanted to remove it entirely I should call the pest control immediately.

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A/C inside the airport

I can always remember traveling when I was a small girl. I used to travel a lot with my parents because we used to live out of the United States. Living out of the country involved flying home to the U.S. to visit our extended family. I didn’t mind traveling when I was younger because I was unaware of what it consists of especially when flying on an airplane. My mom told me that I was always a good traveler and would always say hello to strangers. Now that I’m much older I am more aware of my surroundings and the feeling of the plane landing and taking off. Now it somewhat scares me because I get motion sickness very easily and the feeling of landing and taking off feels like a roller coaster to me. When I am in an airport I like to bring a sweater or wear sweatpants. That’s because it gets pretty chilly in there. I’m not sure why airports are set to a certain cooler temperature through a thermostat. I know that they are trying to keep travelers cool with the hundreds of air vents throughout the airport. I feel like even during the wintertime the thermostat is set to a pretty cooler temperature as well. I really do not like when the air conditioning is blasting and I have to dress in multiple layers to stay comfortable. I have also wondered if the HVAC company that the airport goes with when their HVAC system needs to be repaired and maintained, is required to go through intensive investigation to ensure TSA safety and regulations.

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Blaming the A/C system

My family loves traveling. We go on vacation every summer and every winter. In the winter, we tend to travel to a warmer climate, and in the summer we travel north to a cooler climate. A few years ago we went on a family vacation to the north west of the United States to explore the beautiful scenery. It was an amazing vacation. The weather was nice and cool. On the second to last day of the trip a heat wave was expected to roll in. The weather man predicted temperatures in the upper 90’s with a high humidity. Just as expected, we woke up on the second to last day of the vacation to miserably hot weather. We decided to stay in the hotel and watch movies due to the temperature. My brother turned on our air conditioning system and heard a loud crackling. It sounded like a car unsuccessfully trying to start. Smoke started to appear from the hotel air conditioner. We called the hotel lobby looking for an HVAC technician to fix our broken cooling system. The receptionist apologized and said none were available. We were forced to look up HVAC businesses in the area and find a repair person on our own. The room was absolutely miserable. We stayed in the hotel lobby where the air conditioner was barely working. The entire hotel seemed to be on fire. There was nowhere to stay cool. Our family drank bottles of water when the air conditioning technician appeared. Our “savior” as my brother calls him, came to our room and looked at our broken air conditioning system. He fixed the system within an hour and we were able to enjoy the remainder of our vacation. The hotel reimbursed us for the technician.

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My boiler and the heated floors

There are a lot of choices when it comes to heating. My favorite is probably the boiler system. It is like the Superman of the heating world. A boiler can literally do anything. Also the boiler never dies. Unlike Superman, there is no Kryptonite. The boiler will literally keep on heating until there are no more replacement parts made. What is the lifespan of this type of heating unit? A boiler can live around fifty years. If you have parts, it can live to almost eighty years. Now that is an impressive investment. Superman can fly, shoot lasers and is amazing strong. A boiler can do many different things as well. The boiler can heat your family’s water source. It can be used as your home heating unit and a hot water tank. Additionally a boiler can be used to heat your indoor pool. Now how cool is that? Probably the most effective feature is how it can be used for radiant flooring. Hydronic heating is really the way to go. How hydronic radiant flooring works is a boiler and radiant flooring working together. The boiler is in the basement and it heats up water. The water flows through piping that is within the floorboards. You can put the pipes even in your driveway if you choose to. The piping then creates heated floors in your home. Every surface is heated with no hot and cold spots. You have more efficient and effective heat with this unit. Hydronic radiant flooring is like Superman finally getting together with Lois Lane. It all just makes good sense.

heated flooring 

My boss won’t run the furnace

I have a really good job, but I absolutely detest my boss. I have worked for the same company for about three years, and everything but my boss is great. I believe that my boss’s whole goal in life is to make me completely miserable.  She is constantly coming up with ridiculous and tedious tasks for me to do, and setting impossible deadlines.  When she starts talking, she is so incredibly boring that I can’t manage to pay attention.  She wears really hideous pants suits every day, which smell like mothballs.  She is also overheated at all times, no matter what type of weather conditions are outside.  In the winter, she sets the thermostat in the office so low that the furnace never kicks on.  I usually end up working in my winter coat, with a blanket over my lap.  I have a space heater hidden under my desk to warm my feet.  If my boss catches sight of the space heater, she has a fit and calls it a safety hazard.  In the summer, she keeps the air conditioner blasting on high speed at all times.  The air conditioner blows so hard that I have to set coffee cups on all of my paperwork to prevent it from flying off my desk.  I still wear my winter coat at work during the summer.  Whenever my boss leaves the office or isn’t looking, I crank the thermostat up to eighty degrees.  I am delighted when she ends up with sweat stains under the arms of her ugly suit.  I think she suspects that I am the one who is messing with the thermostat, but she can’t prove it.

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A hot day on a motorcycle

My husband and I are riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle all the way across the country.  We want to see the different terrain, and visit as many individual states as possible.  Yesterday, we drove through the mountains, and the scenery was absolutely gorgeous.  The weather, however, presented quite a challenge for us.  The morning started out sunny and warm, and as the hours went by, the temperature gradually rose.  By lunch time, the temperature was nearly one hundred degrees and the sun was beating down on us.  We needed to take frequent breaks to get inside and take advantage of air conditioning.  We would get cooled down, get a drink, and then get back on the road.  It was always difficult to leave the air conditioning and step back out into the sun.  As the day went on, the sky began to cloud up and it started to lightly rain.  We once again stopped, and took the time to put on our full rain suits.  Once we got up into the mountains, it started to rain very hard and the temperature dropped quite quickly.  Although our rain suits kept us dry, we were extremely cold. I was wishing for access to a heater of some kind.  Unfortunately, we got stuck in a traffic jam, and were at a standstill for over two hours.  By the time traffic got moving again, we were ready to find a hotel for the night.  We had to try several hotels before we found one that had a vacancy.  I didn’t care about amenities, and just wanted to get inside and have control over the thermostat and an HVAC system.heating and air