Keeping hair out of our drains

My family is Italian. This means a few things. We are very loud. We tend to use our “outdoor voices” at all times. We are very loving and touchy feely. Every time we see each other, which is a lot, we give tons of hugs and kisses and it may seem like we have not seen each other for years but it’s probably been no longer than a week. We gather every Sunday for dinner at someone’s home. That’s the other thing. We have great taste in food and know how to cook better than anyone. Our Sunday dinners always consist of heaping amounts of pasta, meatballs and tons of cheese and wine. I love my big Italian family and for the most part, I wouldn’t change a thing about our Italian traits. I say for the most part because there is one thing I would change if I could. Being Italian, we all have very thick and dark hair. In the shower, this is not an easy thing to manage. It takes forever to wash and also our hair clogs up the drain in the shower. In order to stop this from happening and avoid plumbing problems, we are always stocked up on drains, strainers and stoppers. These plumbing tools catch all the hair and stop it from going down the drain and clogging it up. Before we started using these strainers, our hair clogged up the drains so bad that a plumber had to come and remove it all. He was grossed out and suggested that we go to the plumbing store and buy a strainer to stop keep this from happening ever again.

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Working on HVAC equipment

Sometimes I feel like I do not know what I want to do with my life. I think I have it all figured out but for some reason I feel like it is not my calling. I feel like I am meant to do more than what I think. I cannot really figure it out though. I wish I could but I really cannot figure out why I am feeling like this. Sometimes I even think I could be an HVAC technician. Yes, of all things an HVAC technician. There is just something about it that seems so appealing. I get to help people. Sure, it is helping people in a  different way. It is helping people be comfortable in their own home. It is creating an environment for them in which they love to stay. I get to provide these people with such a joy like that. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? I am not sure how good I would be at ti though. It seems as if there is a lot to learn. There is a lot to know to know how to do your job properly. I would need a lot of practice and guidance from others. People would need me to fix something of theirs. The feeling of being needed is always one that people like. We like to feel needed. I think I am going to start training to do this. The more I think or talk about it the more happy it makes me. It makes me happy to be doing those kinds of things. I cannot wait to start my training on this new journey of HVAC systems, equipment and repair.

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Different HVAC systems

Retirement has treated me very well. I was lucky to have had a great job for almost 30 years and I also have a good pension. This allowed me to retire a few years earlier than most. Nowadays, I like to spend time in my garage. Sometimes, I just sit around and relax. Other times, I like to work on the classic cars I have accumulated over the years. No matter what I am doing, though, there always seems to be one constant. I sweat. It gets so darn hot in my garage. In fact, it has gotten so bad that I have made the decision to contact an HVAC company in my town. I spoke with one of their technicians about getting an air conditioner installed in my garage. The guy came out a few weeks back to look at everything. As of right now, I am scheduled to receive some brand new cooling equipment a few days from now. I don’t think I have been this excited about something in a long time. If it all goes as well as I am hoping, I should be able to hang out in my garage without breaking a sweat. I am not a person that deals with the higher temperatures very well. I am actually kind of surprised it took me this long to make the decision. I should have called the heating and cooling company months ago, but I suppose I was just being lazy. None of that matters now because I am just so excited for these units to be installed!

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Getting used to living in Orlando

When my husband and I decided to move to Orlando, Florida, I knew it would be very different from our home up north.  We were accustomed to long and cold winters, with feet of snow and subzero temperatures.  We had spent a fortune on a state-of-the-art furnace, but did not have any type of air conditioning in the house.  My husband drove a four-wheel drive truck with a snow plow attached.  In our garage, we had a pair of snowmobiles, cross-country skis, and snowshoes.  Our life in Orlando was going to be a big change, but I was looking forward to it.  Driving there took us about sixteen hours, and it was interesting to watch the landscape change.  Suddenly, there were palm trees all along the highway, roadside stands selling oranges, and lots of water.  I did some research and learned that there are more than one hundred lakes in Orlando.   When we first arrived at our new house, I was thrilled to discover that I had citrus trees growing right in my own backyard.  I picked an orange right off the tree and ate it.  Adapting to sunny weather all year round has taken some getting used to.  I finally got rid of my wool coat and most of my sweaters, because I never need them.  It stays warm all year round, and at times, it is brutally hot.  There is no way I could get by without a cooling system in my new home.  I have a heat pump that provides both heating and cooling, but after living here for three years, I’ve only needed to run it in heating mode a half dozen times.

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Tips for a new plumber

This past winter was very brutal in my town.  The local school district used up all of their allotted snow days and my wife even got frostbite on one of her fingers from the chilled temperatures.  But the worst thing that happened involved our home’s plumbing system.  During February, my wife and I took a week long vacation to a tropical destination.  We decided it was the perfect time to get away, given the cold temperatures.  However, while we were away enjoying ourselves our pipes in our basement froze as our home’s heating system was set at a low temperature.  In hindsight, this was not a smart thing for us to do.  We should have kept the HVAC system the same temperature we were using while we were home, given the low temperatures.  But my wife and I were just excited to get away, we did not think everything through.  So by the time we got home, our pipes had burst, causing some flooding in our basement.  We were lucky to arrive home before the flooding was too bad.  But we quickly contacted our local 24 hour plumbing service and asked a plumber to come over as soon as possible.  It took the plumber awhile to arrive, so we turned off our water in the meantime to avoid additional flooding.  By the time the plumber got to our place, it was the middle of the night.  He mentioned that many other homes were experiencing the same problem, given the extreme temperatures.  It made me feel a little better, knowing we were not the only idiots that kept their HVAC system at a low setting.

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A leaking pipe

I work crazy hours at my job.  When I started my job, I did not expect to be this busy.  But I like making money, so I do not mind working 12 to 14 hours a day.  With overtime, I am pulling in six figures each year.  But when working long hours, my house does suffer.  I live alone in a three bedroom, two bath house.  I adore my home.  I bought it many years ago and have made several updates to it over the years.  It is finally at the point where I am completely pleased with it.  But I do not spend a lot of time there with my chaotic work schedule.  So when I found a small leaky pipe in my basement, I did not pay any mind to it.  I figured that the leak would correct itself.  However, a couple of weeks later I was in the basement and found the pipe to still be leaking.  I knew that I was wasting water and money from this minor leaky pipe.  I contacted my plumber that very same day and requested an appointment to repair the leaking pipe.  The plumber was only able to come during the time when I was working.  This meant I would have to go into work late that particular day.  I was not too happy about this, but knew that the pipe needed to be fixed.  The plumber was very apologetic, but there was nothing he could do about the situation.  I regretted waiting so long to fix the pipe in my basement.  I definitely learned a lesson from this.

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High velocity A/C

Lots of homes are too old to handle ductwork installation. Installing ductwork is often times consuming, messy and damaging to the home. Older homes cannot have their walls and ceilings torn down to make way for eight inch piping. What older homes can do then is consider high velocity air conditioning. This cooling system does not use the flimsy and thick traditional ductwork. Instead the ductwork is flexible and can be bent into the wall. The ductwork is also half the size but twice as strong. It is way simpler to install and much easier on the home. The HVAC technician does not need to crawl around in your home and attic to install the ductwork. Instead the ductwork is easily fitted and hooked up to your current cooling system. Is high velocity AC different than traditional AC? Yes, high velocity air conditioning cools differently. The system puts out burst of cold air into your home rather than a steady stream. It can quickly whip the air around your home for superior temperature control. This gives you no hot and cold spots. Also the cooling unit does not need to be on as long as traditional units. Consider this system for your home and cooling needs. Perhaps high power is all you need for your home today. It cools just as efficiently as other systems and is less invasive. The unit also receives traditional cooling service and maintenance like the other units do as well. Contact your local heating and cooling company to find out more on it.

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Using my boiler as a heater

I work for a pool company over the summer. What I do is help install the inground pools at someone’s home. I additionally set up the cleaning system for the pool and inform the homeowner of what chemicals to use. Occasionally I will clean pools or open pools for customers. I prefer to do the installation of the pools though. It is way more challenging and it has less conversation with the homeowner. I like starting off with a dirt hole and then ending with a beautiful pool. You have to set everything up perfectly and not damage the pool. The pool finished needs to be perfect and the sizing needs to be right. Also if the customer wants a heated pool, it needs to be right. Nothing is worse than forgetting to add some type of heating system to the pool. If a customer wants a heater for the pool, then they are really serious about it. It is honestly the first thing they will notice is wrong and then I will get in trouble. What is cool is that there are options for heating your pool. There are just the traditional pool heaters that are in the water. But what is also in store for most homes is using a boiler for the pool. Some homes heat the house with a boiler system. The boiler system then can be hooked up to your pool to heat it up nice. It saves a lot of money, time and is convenient. I know when I buy a home heating system, I will purchase a boiler.

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Hating my job

I’ve had the same job for the last five years, and I absolutely hate it.  I work very weird and long hours, and I frequently need to head into work on a Saturday or Sunday.  My office is a tiny, cramped cubicle on the tenth floor of a commercial building.  I have giant windows in my office that overlook ugly buildings and downtown traffic.  The windows don’t open and there is no way to install curtains or blinds.  When the sun is shining through those windows, it glares on my computer screen and makes it impossible to read.  The sun also heats up my office until it feels  like an oven set to broil.  I have no access to a thermostat, but the whole building is temperature controlled.  I do not like the temperature that some random person has chosen for me.  I have trouble determining whether the air conditioner is running or not.  The amount of air that comes out of the HVAC vents is pitiful.  In the winter, the glass windows in my office are freezing cold, and I can’t get warm enough.  I sometimes press right up against the heating vents, trying to get warm.  I’ve even set up space heaters under my desk, so at least I can warm my feet.  I need to hide the space heaters from the maintenance department, because they are against regulations.  It should be against regulations to alternate between excessive heat and freezing cold temperatures in the office.  I can’t get any work done when I’m miserable and uncomfortable.  I’m not sure if my discomfort is the result of a faulty HVAC system or the company’s attempt to save money on heating and cooling costs.

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Brand new HVAC equipment

I am a writer, and I spend endless hours in my home office at my computer.  I write at all different times of day and night, and sometimes for ten or twelve hours straight.  It is important that when I am feeling creative, nothing distracts me.  If I am on a deadline, I don’t have time to deal with interruptions.  I don’t want to hear traffic sounds, smell unpleasant odors, or feel too cold or too hot.  One of the best things I ever did was to invest in a modern HVAC system.  I have a forced air furnace and central air conditioner that feature a variable speed blower motor.  That means that the system automatically adapts capacity in response to changing outside weather.  It slows down or speeds up to maintain the temperature within one degree of the thermostat setting at all times.  I control the system with a smart thermostat, and I have access from my computer.  If I am feeling a bit chilly or overheated while I’m working, I can easily raise or lower temperature without ever leaving my chair.  The HVAC system runs very quietly, so the operational sounds never interrupt me.  Plus, because of the state-of-the-art filtration, I never need to deal with problems with indoor air quality.  My home office is perfectly comfortable, clean, and healthy.  I am able to operate the temperature in my office independently from the rest of the house.  I can work in the middle of the night, turn my thermostat up or down, and not impact the comfort of the other bedrooms.