New air filters

When I purchase things I make sure that they’re of good quality. It doesn’t matter what I buy, if I have to spend a few extra dollars because something is made better I will. A lot of the clothes that I wear are really good quality. I remember when I was a teenager I would shop at stores that would give discounted clothes. Now that I’m much older I’ve realized that those clothes that I would buy would only last me a few months. After those few months I could tell that my clothes would be stretching out and there would be pulls. I didn’t follow through with this idea when it came to my HVAC system. With my HVAC system I would buy the cheapest things for it. In the beginning of having my HVAC system I would buy cheap non brand air filters. This didn’t help since I have severe allergies and four dogs. When I switched over to buying more expensive air filters my allergies were not as severe as before. However since I’ve switched to having a more expensive air filter, for some reason the furnace keeps stopping before it reaches the desired temperature on my thermostat. I’m not sure if the problem is arising from changing my filter from a cheap one to a more modern and expensive one. I decided to contact my local HVAC technician to get his professional opinion to see exactly why my thermostat was shutting off early. I want to have my central heating and cooling to be working appropriately.

furnace filter 

A new HVAC system

My parents have lived in their house for about 10 years now.  They have raised two children and a dog in that house. So when it came time to sell it things were getting pretty emotional.  My mom always wanted to move to a smaller house when me and my sister moved out but she never knew that day would come so fast.  She made sure that everything about the house was ready for a new family.  She repainted everything and cleaned the place till it was spotless.  However, her biggest project was the HVAC system.  She knew that our current HVAC system was very old and had been installed before they even moved in.  So she figured that it was time to get a new one for the family that would live here next. She wanted to make sure that this HVAC was the nicest one ever.  Her main reasoning was because it would help make the house worth more.  So my mom called the local HVAC company and set up a meeting with the technicians to see what the best deal for her was.  Because we live in the northern part of the country we need to make sure that the heat is going to keep the family warm but then the AC can cool down the house during the warmer parts of the year.  My mom bought the HVAC system that had separate thermostats for each room.  That way she knew the family would be comfortable no matter where they were in the house. We sold the house within the first month of it being on the market and the new buyer’s favorite thing was the new HVAC system.

Accidentally breaking a friend’s HVAC system

Do you ever have the type of friend who just likes to show off every single thing they ever buy? I do, and I think it’s so annoying. My old buddy from high school recently got a huge promotion, and he’s not married and has no kids, so he has a ton of extra money to spend on himself. I don’t think it’s fair because he never really worked hard at anything until his last year of college but he gets lots of benefits, meanwhile, other people who tried hard all throughout school are struggling to pay bills and other payments. Anyway, the other day he called me over to brag about his newest purchase, which was a brand new heating and cooling system. It wasn’t even that interesting, but it was apparently super expensive. He spent a lot of money to have zone temperature cooling and heating, the very best furnace and cooling units you could possibly find, and a customizable, digital thermostat. It really didn’t matter to me, but he thought all this new HVAC equipment was literally the best thing on earth. Why would I care that much about heating and cooling systems? As long as a heating or cooling unit is efficient enough to get the job done and cool or heat my house without any major issues, I’m good with it. However, this attitude didn’t really help me, and I accidentally broke his thermostat when he was showing me it. He didn’t see, though. I was being kind of careless with it, I guess, and then the display freaked out and the word “error” came up. I left as soon as he finished showing me the rest of the heating and cooling equipment. I really hope he doesn’t realize I broke the thermostat, because it honestly was a complete accident.

heater repair 

Sitting a dog

This past week I decided to help a friend out by babysitting her chocolate labrador retriever. His name is Stout and he’s about eight months old. She and her boyfriend adopted him from an SPCA several months back when he was very young. They’ve taken several obedience courses with him and have spent a lot of hours training him, so I knew taking care of him would be a breeze. I was mostly right. He went to the bathroom when I asked him to and when he was outside (no accidents in the house to report), and was always very good about settling down when I asked him to after he was too rambunctious. The one thing we struggled with, though, was his pulling the leash when he walked. He practically walked me down the street instead of the other way around. When we got back into their apartment, I took the leash off him and sat him down to say a few things to him. Instead of saying “good boy,” like I was going to and offer him a treat, the apartment HVAC fan turned on and scared the daylights out of the poor dog. I felt bad for him, but found the HVAC controls on the wall so I could turn the fan off and have him settle down. He did pretty quickly, but then I noticed that cool air was coming into the apartment instead of a small wave of heated air. I looked further into their heating and cooling equipment controls and noticed that either my friend or her boyfriend had accidentally turned the air conditioning on in the apartment. After turning it off, we lived a fancy free couple of days together in their apartment.

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cleaning the HVAC system

My last cleaning was a good one. There was a massive flood in my home town, and much of the town was underwater for A good amount of time. There were flood restoration companies coming in from all over to help remediate the area, and my company decided it was going to do heavily discounting on all HVAC repairs and cleanings. When a tragedy like a flood occurs, it’s wrong to capitalize on people who have fallen victim to Mother Nature. We decided to do complimentary cleanings of both air conditioners and furnaces in order to make sure that no microbial growth occurred after all the flooding. There is a lot more silt and mud in the trunk lines of the HVAC system because the flooding picked up all the loose sediment and put it in homes. It take quite a bit more effort to make sure that all of that debris gets cleaned out efficiently. After a good hard cleaning using an aggressive brush attachment for that air compressor, we finish the job by spraying an anti microbial spray inside the duct system. This ensures there will be no future growth happening to make anyone sick. I love the charity work we do in times like this, because i know it’s the right thing to do. Plus people will remember your name and choose our company for any future heating and cooling needs they might have. Most people know the importance of keeping the HVAC unit cleaned and working properly.

HVAC cleaning 

Installing heated floors

After my first class on the heating and cooling industry, I’ve become more confident in my skill set. It’s amazing how much there is to learn about the industry I’ve decided to step into, but it’s all very important to keep me well rounded. The HVAC industry is a complex machine in itself, comprised of many different people doing a lot of different things. The parts manufacturers alone are very important to the entire operation. Many parts for both furnaces and air conditioners are fabricated by smaller shops all across the country. They make things special for every single type of HVAC system, ensuring the best quality part for every machine. I am a cleaning technician, but I work with guys who do installations on heated floors, tune ups on digital thermostats, and general maintenance on furnaces and air conditioners alike. And I can’t forget about the humans that do the logistics of every system, making sure that a room or building has the right sized equipment it needs to keep the temperature regulated. It was a real eye opener to see how every person fits together to keep the HVAC industry viable. I’m proud to call myself a restoration technician, especially after learning how important a clean system is to the overall lifespan of a furnace or air conditioner. I met a guy from the maintenance department who was really thrilled to learn how enthusiastic I am about my job. He thinks it’s a blessing to have guys like me in the industry, willing to learn everything there is to know.

heated flooring 

Occupations that require training

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since beginning my job full time, it’s to almost never show weakness. I often will say that I know how to do things, then go around and figure it out the next minute until I get it right. It’s worked for me so far in my job and I haven’t had any errors because of this behavior. There are some occupations, though, where people shouldn’t take this mindset that I apply to my everyday life. For one thing, a doctor shouldn’t do this; that would just be absurd. You can’t just figure out how to be a surgeon by showing up and reading a few things. Another occupation where this wouldn’t work is if you’re an HVAC technician. Sometimes heating and cooling equipment can be rather complicated, and I certainly wouldn’t trust someone who is looking through the book and trying to figure out exactly what is wrong with my air conditioner. I’d much rather my HVAC technician know exactly what he is doing before he starts pulling things apart and inspecting my heating and cooling equipment. Showing up and just trying to figure it out isn’t going to cut it for me, even though it’s something I do nearly every day. It really just depends on what your job is, I suppose. Like I said, a surgeon shouldn’t do it, and an HVAC technician shouldn’t do it, but perhaps a journalist could. Sure, you need to know the theory of what you’re doing, but if you find a story, chances are most people could sit down and write it properly if they used a search engine to find the format. It’s all about how resourceful you are, though that certainly doesn’t work in some jobs.fireplace

Using a phone to set my thermostat

If there’s one thing I hate about cellphones, it’s how attached everyone is to them all the time. You can’t wait in line at an amusement park or sit and wait for a table at a restaurant without seeing at least one person in line with you who has his/her phone out. It’s sad, really, that our lives have come to this. We stare at little rectangles and get absorbed into what we read on them. Earlier this evening, I sat at a bar by myself and counted the number of people who were sitting – just like I was – but were staring at their phones while they waited. Some people even looked at their phones when they were with their friends! That made me angry. I just sat and observed for a while, then sat, drank and observed before my friend arrived. If there’s one thing I can understand about using your cellphone for, it’s for work. But for personal reasons outside of work and when you’re with friends? No way. Although, if you’re on your phone setting different things on your smart thermostat, I can maybe understand. That would actually be pretty smart to sit there and make sure everything is okay at home and that your HVAC equipment is working the way it should. If it’s a colder night out than normal, it would be easier to go on your phone, use the application to turn your heating equipment up a little bit more to be ready for you when you come home to get cozy. That kind of thing I can understand. Using your phone for other purposes other than your heating and cooling equipment is a little extreme in my book when you’re in the company of other people.


Being a sports mom

My children are honestly my pride and joy. I have two daughters and three sons, and they are all completely different except that they all play sports. My oldest, Carly, plays volleyball and soccer, John plays baseball and swims, Alec wrestles, Jenna plays volleyball, softball, and basketball, and Timothy plays youth soccer and takes swimming lessons. I am so proud of them all and am officially what you would call a “sports mom”. Though I love going to all the games and matches and meets and things, the one thing I’ll always hate about having an athletic family is the weather. I wish that I could get some type of small cooling unit to haul around with me everywhere. It’s always way too hot outdoors, and since it’s outdoors, there aren’t any types of cooling units or anything. Even when there’s matches indoors, like Jenna’s basketball games, the sheer amount of people and movement within the gymnasium acts as a heating system that can heavily combat the actual cooling system. I’ll always get home and turn the thermostat down way low so that the furnace switches off and the air conditioning kicks in. Then, the house will cool down and relieve us from the awful heating from the games. Even in the car ride home, I’ll leave the heating system off or even roll down the windows so that it cools down faster. I was definitely not lying when I said that I love my kids and am proud of them or that I enjoy watching their games. However, sometimes it gets a bit too much when the heat gets so high and there isn’t any cooling.


Living in an old home

I have lived in my apartment for about 2 years now. My apartment is the perfect size for one person like me.  I don’t have to worry about it feeling too empty but yet when I want to have company over I have just enough space for everyone to fit.  However, there is one thing that I never liked about my apartment.  It is in a very old building.  Everything about it is old, the structure the appliances and even the look is outdated.  At the beginning I didn’t notice these things but then I started receiving the bills.  The bills were always so much higher than my friends who lived in other places.  I always just thought my landlord was over charging me, but then I realized that because the building was so old that there was going to be some cracks, especially near the windows.  So if I wanted my apartment heated to 65 I had to turn it up to 75 so that I would make up for the heat lost through the cracks.  I have learned that the better thing to do than to turn your furnace up is to just buy space heaters.  This way instead of racking up my heating bill, I can just have my space heater near me so that I am always warm.  I tried to talk to my landlord about finding a better HVAC system or even getting the old framings fixed but he said it would be too expensive.  I guess he is very lucky that I only hate one thing about my apartment.

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