Air duct renovations

I am a guy who likes to work with his hands. Some guys can sit in an office chair all day and plug numbers into a computer, but that is just not me. I would go nuts if I had to do that. I am a carpenter and I make pieces for homeowners as well as business owners. I have been working in a wood shop since I was 16 and I have enjoyed every second of it. Because I enjoy doing carpentry, I figured I could handle a host of renovations on a house I had bought a few months ago. I was going to do some drywall, put in some new floors and slab on new paint. Well, I got a tad over my head when I realized the existing ductwork in my house was no longer a viable option to keep using. It was imperative that I figure this problem out because a house with no HVAC equipment is good for nothing. I heavily considered doing the replacement myself, but I made the wise decision and consulted a local HVAC company instead. I am glad that I did. There was no way I was ready to assemble and install air ducts because I had little to no experience in this sort of work. It would have been a massive mistake on my part had I decided to get up on that ladder and start tearing into things. Now a few months later, my heating and cooling system works great and I could not be happier.

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