Advancements in HVAC

Everything in life is advancing and getting better. Technology is especially improving. I know that I have one of the first ipads released. My ipad is so much slower and not as smart as the other ipads. Technology with computers, music and movies are improving steadily. HVAC units are also improving with time. A lot of people are not aware of the advancements out there. It used to be a select few heating and cooling systems. Not anymore, there are tons of options. For heating you can get a furnace still but there are many types. There are gas, electric and oil furnace that contain different capabilities. Additionally the gas furnace can be used as a dual fuel system. The gas furnace connects with a heat pump system to heat and cool your home. It works for colder climates that want to use an energy efficient heat pump unit. Additionally a boiler system can be a steam or hot water one. Both types of boiler can live over fifty years and completely heat a small home or larger building. The boiler also can be used as a hot water tank and heat your home’s water or even your family swimming pool. There are numerous capabilities with a boiler system. In cooling, air conditioners do not need to use ductwork anymore. There are ductless options that can be used for zone control. Also the thermostats with the units can be hooked with your iphone. The smart thermostat also tells you filter changes and humidity levels. Keep in mind all of these advancements. HVAC installer