Getting a tax break on the heater

I do not do my taxes and I plan to never do them. I do not consider myself a feminist or a strong woman. That is alright with me, I like having a man take care of me. Right now my father handles all my major finances. He then presents me with a bill that I pay. It works for us since I know I could not personally do it. He fixes my car, does my insurance and handles my taxes. My goal is to then pass those jobs onto my future husband. Taxes is something I never want to learn. I did hear something about taxes the other day though. I heard that your HVAC unit can give you a tax break. Basically what you need to do is prove you are making your house environmentally friendly. Some people put solar panels on their house to use as almost a heating system. This reduces their gas use and gives them a tax break. I also know that geothermal heat pumps can provide a tax break as well. Apparently you can save money because it is an environmentally friendly system. A geothermal heat pump is a heating and cooling system for your home. The heat pump system is under your ground about fifty feet. It uses the heat from under your ground to heat your home. It also can use the ground temperature in the summer to cool your home. If you invest in this system you save money on every heat payment and get a tax break. I may have some of the details wrong, but I know you can save money.