Realizing my air conditioner is broken

My husband and i decided to take a road trip.  We live in the far northern part of the country, and we’d had enough of the cold weather.  At the end of February, the outside temperature was right around ten degrees, and it was snowing every single day.  There was no opportunity to spend time outside in the fresh air.  We were constantly trapped inside, at work or at home, with the furnace running nonstop.  We took a month off from work, packed up my husband’s truck and headed south.  For our first entire day of driving, we had the heater on at full blast and the windows rolled up tight.  We wore our winter coats and boots.  By the second day, we were able to open the windows and take our coats off.  By the third day, we decided to roll the windows back up and start the air conditioner.  That’s when we figured out that the air conditioner in the truck did not work at all.  We stripped down to shorts and T-shirts, kept all the windows wide open, and still had sweat running down our faces.  It was very uncomfortable in that truck.  We were no longer interested in the sites along the way.  We were only concerned with finding a hotel each night that featured a proper cooling system.  We finally decided that the lack of air conditioning was ruining our road trip.  We set aside a day to leave the truck at a garage and have the cooling system repaired.  Thankfully, it only took a few hours and we were back on the road again.