Traveling from the cold weather up north

I am on vacation for a week.  I live up north, where the winter weather is cold and miserable, so I was extremely excited to head south.  I suffered through a whole day of driving and flying to finally make it to my destination.  By the time arrived, it was three in the morning.  I was exhausted.  I checked into my hotel and went right to bed.  I didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy the outside weather at all.  I had gotten up that morning to super cold weather, and was forced to run the heater.  I wore long pants and my winter coat.  I shivered in the airport and on the airplane.  Then, when I finally made it to my hotel, the air conditioner was running.  It was quite strange to exchange a heater running at maximum capacity with an air conditioner running at full blast in one day.  I couldn’t quite get used to it.  I was huddled under the covers in my bed, tempted to turn off the air conditioner.  I wondered if my hotel room even offered a heating system.  The outside temperature in the area rarely drops below sixty degrees.  I was excited to get up in the morning, and head outside.  It was so nice to leave my winter coat in the hotel room.  I spent my whole day, out on the beach, in the sunshine.  By the end of the day, I was ready for the air conditioning.  I got a bit of a sunburn and the cold air felt heavenly.  I slept on top of the covers, with the air conditioner pouring over me.

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