Being a sports mom

My children are honestly my pride and joy. I have two daughters and three sons, and they are all completely different except that they all play sports. My oldest, Carly, plays volleyball and soccer, John plays baseball and swims, Alec wrestles, Jenna plays volleyball, softball, and basketball, and Timothy plays youth soccer and takes swimming lessons. I am so proud of them all and am officially what you would call a “sports mom”. Though I love going to all the games and matches and meets and things, the one thing I’ll always hate about having an athletic family is the weather. I wish that I could get some type of small cooling unit to haul around with me everywhere. It’s always way too hot outdoors, and since it’s outdoors, there aren’t any types of cooling units or anything. Even when there’s matches indoors, like Jenna’s basketball games, the sheer amount of people and movement within the gymnasium acts as a heating system that can heavily combat the actual cooling system. I’ll always get home and turn the thermostat down way low so that the furnace switches off and the air conditioning kicks in. Then, the house will cool down and relieve us from the awful heating from the games. Even in the car ride home, I’ll leave the heating system off or even roll down the windows so that it cools down faster. I was definitely not lying when I said that I love my kids and am proud of them or that I enjoy watching their games. However, sometimes it gets a bit too much when the heat gets so high and there isn’t any cooling.