Living in an old home

I have lived in my apartment for about 2 years now. My apartment is the perfect size for one person like me.  I don’t have to worry about it feeling too empty but yet when I want to have company over I have just enough space for everyone to fit.  However, there is one thing that I never liked about my apartment.  It is in a very old building.  Everything about it is old, the structure the appliances and even the look is outdated.  At the beginning I didn’t notice these things but then I started receiving the bills.  The bills were always so much higher than my friends who lived in other places.  I always just thought my landlord was over charging me, but then I realized that because the building was so old that there was going to be some cracks, especially near the windows.  So if I wanted my apartment heated to 65 I had to turn it up to 75 so that I would make up for the heat lost through the cracks.  I have learned that the better thing to do than to turn your furnace up is to just buy space heaters.  This way instead of racking up my heating bill, I can just have my space heater near me so that I am always warm.  I tried to talk to my landlord about finding a better HVAC system or even getting the old framings fixed but he said it would be too expensive.  I guess he is very lucky that I only hate one thing about my apartment.

fix my HVAC