A new HVAC system

My parents have lived in their house for about 10 years now.  They have raised two children and a dog in that house. So when it came time to sell it things were getting pretty emotional.  My mom always wanted to move to a smaller house when me and my sister moved out but she never knew that day would come so fast.  She made sure that everything about the house was ready for a new family.  She repainted everything and cleaned the place till it was spotless.  However, her biggest project was the HVAC system.  She knew that our current HVAC system was very old and had been installed before they even moved in.  So she figured that it was time to get a new one for the family that would live here next. She wanted to make sure that this HVAC was the nicest one ever.  Her main reasoning was because it would help make the house worth more.  So my mom called the local HVAC company and set up a meeting with the technicians to see what the best deal for her was.  Because we live in the northern part of the country we need to make sure that the heat is going to keep the family warm but then the AC can cool down the house during the warmer parts of the year.  My mom bought the HVAC system that had separate thermostats for each room.  That way she knew the family would be comfortable no matter where they were in the house. We sold the house within the first month of it being on the market and the new buyer’s favorite thing was the new HVAC system.