Accidentally breaking a friend’s HVAC system

Do you ever have the type of friend who just likes to show off every single thing they ever buy? I do, and I think it’s so annoying. My old buddy from high school recently got a huge promotion, and he’s not married and has no kids, so he has a ton of extra money to spend on himself. I don’t think it’s fair because he never really worked hard at anything until his last year of college but he gets lots of benefits, meanwhile, other people who tried hard all throughout school are struggling to pay bills and other payments. Anyway, the other day he called me over to brag about his newest purchase, which was a brand new heating and cooling system. It wasn’t even that interesting, but it was apparently super expensive. He spent a lot of money to have zone temperature cooling and heating, the very best furnace and cooling units you could possibly find, and a customizable, digital thermostat. It really didn’t matter to me, but he thought all this new HVAC equipment was literally the best thing on earth. Why would I care that much about heating and cooling systems? As long as a heating or cooling unit is efficient enough to get the job done and cool or heat my house without any major issues, I’m good with it. However, this attitude didn’t really help me, and I accidentally broke his thermostat when he was showing me it. He didn’t see, though. I was being kind of careless with it, I guess, and then the display freaked out and the word “error” came up. I left as soon as he finished showing me the rest of the heating and cooling equipment. I really hope he doesn’t realize I broke the thermostat, because it honestly was a complete accident.

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