cleaning the HVAC system

My last cleaning was a good one. There was a massive flood in my home town, and much of the town was underwater for A good amount of time. There were flood restoration companies coming in from all over to help remediate the area, and my company decided it was going to do heavily discounting on all HVAC repairs and cleanings. When a tragedy like a flood occurs, it’s wrong to capitalize on people who have fallen victim to Mother Nature. We decided to do complimentary cleanings of both air conditioners and furnaces in order to make sure that no microbial growth occurred after all the flooding. There is a lot more silt and mud in the trunk lines of the HVAC system because the flooding picked up all the loose sediment and put it in homes. It take quite a bit more effort to make sure that all of that debris gets cleaned out efficiently. After a good hard cleaning using an aggressive brush attachment for that air compressor, we finish the job by spraying an anti microbial spray inside the duct system. This ensures there will be no future growth happening to make anyone sick. I love the charity work we do in times like this, because i know it’s the right thing to do. Plus people will remember your name and choose our company for any future heating and cooling needs they might have. Most people know the importance of keeping the HVAC unit cleaned and working properly.

HVAC cleaning