Occupations that require training

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since beginning my job full time, it’s to almost never show weakness. I often will say that I know how to do things, then go around and figure it out the next minute until I get it right. It’s worked for me so far in my job and I haven’t had any errors because of this behavior. There are some occupations, though, where people shouldn’t take this mindset that I apply to my everyday life. For one thing, a doctor shouldn’t do this; that would just be absurd. You can’t just figure out how to be a surgeon by showing up and reading a few things. Another occupation where this wouldn’t work is if you’re an HVAC technician. Sometimes heating and cooling equipment can be rather complicated, and I certainly wouldn’t trust someone who is looking through the book and trying to figure out exactly what is wrong with my air conditioner. I’d much rather my HVAC technician know exactly what he is doing before he starts pulling things apart and inspecting my heating and cooling equipment. Showing up and just trying to figure it out isn’t going to cut it for me, even though it’s something I do nearly every day. It really just depends on what your job is, I suppose. Like I said, a surgeon shouldn’t do it, and an HVAC technician shouldn’t do it, but perhaps a journalist could. Sure, you need to know the theory of what you’re doing, but if you find a story, chances are most people could sit down and write it properly if they used a search engine to find the format. It’s all about how resourceful you are, though that certainly doesn’t work in some jobs.fireplace