Sitting a dog

This past week I decided to help a friend out by babysitting her chocolate labrador retriever. His name is Stout and he’s about eight months old. She and her boyfriend adopted him from an SPCA several months back when he was very young. They’ve taken several obedience courses with him and have spent a lot of hours training him, so I knew taking care of him would be a breeze. I was mostly right. He went to the bathroom when I asked him to and when he was outside (no accidents in the house to report), and was always very good about settling down when I asked him to after he was too rambunctious. The one thing we struggled with, though, was his pulling the leash when he walked. He practically walked me down the street instead of the other way around. When we got back into their apartment, I took the leash off him and sat him down to say a few things to him. Instead of saying “good boy,” like I was going to and offer him a treat, the apartment HVAC fan turned on and scared the daylights out of the poor dog. I felt bad for him, but found the HVAC controls on the wall so I could turn the fan off and have him settle down. He did pretty quickly, but then I noticed that cool air was coming into the apartment instead of a small wave of heated air. I looked further into their heating and cooling equipment controls and noticed that either my friend or her boyfriend had accidentally turned the air conditioning on in the apartment. After turning it off, we lived a fancy free couple of days together in their apartment.

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