Using a phone to set my thermostat

If there’s one thing I hate about cellphones, it’s how attached everyone is to them all the time. You can’t wait in line at an amusement park or sit and wait for a table at a restaurant without seeing at least one person in line with you who has his/her phone out. It’s sad, really, that our lives have come to this. We stare at little rectangles and get absorbed into what we read on them. Earlier this evening, I sat at a bar by myself and counted the number of people who were sitting – just like I was – but were staring at their phones while they waited. Some people even looked at their phones when they were with their friends! That made me angry. I just sat and observed for a while, then sat, drank and observed before my friend arrived. If there’s one thing I can understand about using your cellphone for, it’s for work. But for personal reasons outside of work and when you’re with friends? No way. Although, if you’re on your phone setting different things on your smart thermostat, I can maybe understand. That would actually be pretty smart to sit there and make sure everything is okay at home and that your HVAC equipment is working the way it should. If it’s a colder night out than normal, it would be easier to go on your phone, use the application to turn your heating equipment up a little bit more to be ready for you when you come home to get cozy. That kind of thing I can understand. Using your phone for other purposes other than your heating and cooling equipment is a little extreme in my book when you’re in the company of other people.