HVAC in the hotel

I am a person who loves to travel. Although planes are efficient and fast, there is something I really love about a road trip in a car to travel to a new place, no matter how far it is. I find that I make most of my road trips in the summer and I am also often traveling to places in hot climates. This is not an issue when I am in a car with air conditioning. However, I was once on a road trip when the air conditioning in my car stopped working, and I was also driving through a very hot climate. I was close to my hotel so I just kept going even though I was very uncomfortable. By the time I did get to the hotel I was miserably hot, but when I entered my room, I was greeted by very cool air. The air conditioner was already running, so my room was cool and so comfortable. I was so glad that this was the case. It’s great that hotels know that people traveling to them are often tired or hot and want a cool and comfortable room to relax in. I was so happy to have such an efficient HVAC unit in my room. The air conditioner kept my room totally comfortable for the duration of my stay, and all of the issues with my extremely hot car were forgotten. The cooling effect of HVAC units can truly take a hotel stay from good to great.

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Camping with no HVAC

I am not and have never been much of an outdoors guy, as I much prefer to sit on my couch, watching a movie, drinking a beer, and enjoying the feeling of my air conditioning all over me. However, I recently became engaged to my fiance, who is very much so an outdoors person. Whenever I’m sitting on the couch like I mentioned, she gets bored and tells me we should go do something. She always begs me to go on these camping trips with her, and I’ve put them off for so long, that I finally agreed to do one this weekend. We packed everything up, and hit the road to find her favorite spot in the woods to live for three long days. My wife basically set up our whole campsite, while I swatted mosquitoes and complained. That night, when it was time to get in the tent to go to sleep, I realized how bad this situation was going to be for me. I can’t sleep without the A/C blowing on me, or at least a fan. There was no air at all, and I felt the sweat on my back. I told my wife that I could not fall asleep with my A/C, and she told me that I was just going to have to. I tossed and turned all night, sweating and not falling asleep. The next morning I apologized but told her I had to go home. She was disappointed but she understood. It’s crazy how important something like air conditioning really is for some people.

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A furnace repair

I have both of my HVAC units inspected and tuned up every single year to ensure that they run efficiently and don’t malfunction at all during the cold winters and the hot summers that we get here. However, you can never be too safe or too sure. So, this year I wanted to go the extra mile and perform my own little tune-up before the winter started, even though my furnace was inspected just a few months ago. I did a lot of research and then got to work. First of all, I checked the burner itself, and it appeared to be in good order, as far as I could tell. Then, I scrubbed and cleaned the blower operation. I even checked the amperage, and added some oil as it appeared to be in need of some. I inspected the fan belt, the condensate drain, and the drain wiring, which all looked fine to my amateur eyes. I took very close looks at the wiring though for any cracks or any loose connections that could impede the functionality of the entire furnace. I did not notice any cracks whatsoever. Lastly, I wanted to check on any possible carbon monoxide leaks coming from my gas furnace. However, the carbon monoxide detector I installed in the garage right beside the furnace itself did not detect any, but to be safe I checked the detector that I had installed in my living room as well, and that one did not detect any either. I finally felt good about the oncoming winter after a professional tune-up by the tech and an amateur tune-up by myself.

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A bathroom faucet

I was extremely late one day for work. There must have been at least three different times where I was delayed with my normal getting ready process for work. Once I got up I put my dog outside so she could go to the bathroom. When I brought her back in I could not unlock the chain from her collar. It literally took me 5 minutes I think the spring in the chain must have been broken but I finally got it after multiple tries. Then I went to turn on my coffee pot and my coffee pot would not turn on. I had to go downstairs in the basement to find the coffee pot instructions to figure out the problem. I needed to have my coffee for the day. I gave up because I didn’t want to be late, and I decided to just stop at the coffee shop. Next I went to my bathroom to turn on my shower so it could warm up. I tried lifting up the latch that allows my shower head to come on and not my bathtub faucet. There must have been mineral deposits surrounding the latch because I could not pull it up. No matter how hard I tried I just could not. I decide to call my plumber, and he came about an hour later. I ended up being late to work but I did not want to go to work without having a shower. It turns out the latch near the tub faucet had mineral deposits around it.plumbing contractor

A cottage with good plumbing

Growing up, I always spent a portion of my summers at the cottage on the water. We did not even own it at the time. It belonged to my aunt and uncle for many years until my parents bought it from them close to a decade ago. I love that property because it is situated right on the edge of the lake and the sunsets are just breathtaking. Because my parents are getting older now, I am responsible for taking care of the place. If I do not maintain the property well enough, then everything looks awful. Last summer, I made a major change to the cottage and I knew my parents were going to absolutely love it. One of the main reasons my parents were spending less and less time at the lake was because of my mother’s health. That is why I took it upon myself to put plumbing into the property. It has made everything so much better for my parents. Now my mom can spend all the time she wants there because of the new bathroom plumbing. Of course I am not well versed enough with piping and all that, so I hired a plumber in that area to do the work for us. My parents were so surprised because I paid for it myself and hid it from them for weeks. We should have made this decision a long time ago, but the cost was always a determining factor in why we were pushing it farther down our list of things to do.

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The air ducts may need to be cleaned

Having just moved into this house, I was very excited to start our new lives here. We had lived in a condo before this and we rented from the owner. Now, we were homeowners for the very first time. It has not been easy to make the transition from a rental to a being the sole owner of a property. We are now in charge of everything. We cannot simply pick up the phone and ask the owner to pay for a repair or fix something. Those types of responsibilities are now on our shoulders now. The previous owners of our home were heavy smokers. We have spent a decent amount of money on getting rid of the odors. I thought the problems would end there. I never even considered what condition the HVAC equipment would be in because of it. If you are familiar with what nicotine and cigarette smoke can do to walls in a place, imagine what the insides of the air ducts look like. I never once considered that until we had a routine HVAC inspection done a few weeks ago. The guy mentioned that our indoor air quality was not up to snuff and he believed the ductwork was most likely the main culprit. He said that the air filters looked okay, but that there was likely a lot of dirt and debris sitting inside the air ducts. He may need to come back in a week or two to clean them out. I am hoping he does this for a fair price.

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The HVAC system in a small arena

Going to a small college was one of the best decisions I ever made. When you are ready to finish high school and looking at universities, it is important to look at schools where you are going to be most comfortable. I knew that I did not want to attend a massive university where nobody knows one another. I had a cousin who went to one of the biggest schools in the country and he absolutely loved it. However, I visited him a few times and knew it was not a good fit for my personality. The college I go to is secluded, but we have very passionate students and alumni. Our basketball games are a real spectacle. The only downside to game days is having to sit in that incredibly warm arena with almost no air conditioning whatsoever. I know it is really hard to cool down a space when there are a few thousand people there, but at the same time, it really messes with the whole game day experience. If they just updated the HVAC equipment in that building a little bit, it would go a really long way. In fact, I think it would really boost attendance and make the games even more fun than they are right now. I am actually kind of shocked some rich alumni has not just bought some modern cooling equipment for the arena. I could see that happening for some reason. Maybe if I make a ton of money after graduation, I will make a donation in the form of an air conditioner.HVAC repair

Feedback from all sides

As an employer, I might be one of the rare few who actually love feedback from my employees. I feel like their alternate perspectives on just about anything can help the business run better. Anything that improves the morale of workers, the experience of the guests, or efficiency of the physical layout, can have a ripple effect. All of these factors are interrelated and improving one almost certainly improves the others. One great example is the organization system we currently have in our dry storage area, which was suggested by an employee based on that of a restaurant he used to work at and it is currently working great for us. Similarly, our very popular recently upgraded HVAC system was recommended to me by a long-time customer and friend who used to do HVAC repair work before he retired. Once while having a conversation with him, I complained about our climate control system at the time, which was old and really no longer sufficient. The old air conditioner used to be plenty powerful enough until we had the new ovens and grills installed. My HVAC repair buddy also pointed out that some of the mechanisms in the motor of the climate control system were worn out. So he sat down with me and helped me draw up new HVAC plans. Since the restaurant does not operate for the majority of the winter, the heating components were fine as is. Again, the biggest hurdle to overcome was finding an affordable air conditioning solution. Luckily with the advance of technology, an efficient and cost effective A/C was not hard to find.

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My favorite hoodie and furnace

I think everyone has that one article of clothing they feel the best in. For some people, it might be a suit or a dress that they wear to every formal occasion they are invited. For other folks, it may be a pair of jeans that they wear almost every day. These items usually have one or two things in common. They may look the best, you may feel the most comfortable or possibly both of these characteristics can be said of your favorite piece of apparel. For me, I have a favorite hoodie. If you ask any of my family and friends, they will confirm that I love that sweatshirt very much. While it does fit me rather well and it is comfy, I must say that I love it mostly because of how warm it keeps me. In fact, I can dial down the temperature of my HVAC equipment in the winter and rely on it to keep me cozy. It has a fleece lining so even when my furnace is set to a relatively low temperature, i can be sure to still stay warm. This hoodie was around 30 dollars and I bought it many years ago. I would estimate that it has saved me hundreds of dollars on my heating and cooling bills in that same time. I don’t know about you, but i would say it was a pretty worthy investment. I love my hooded sweatshirt and will continue wearing it for years to come. I just hope it doesn’t look raggedy by then.

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The band space

My band had trouble finding the right practice space for a long time. The first place we practiced at was our bassist’s parents’ garage. That worked well for about two weeks until the neighbors called the police. The second place was our drummer’s basement. His mother was hesitant about the idea and after the first practice she knew for sure that she couldn’t tolerate it. After that we were just making do with a garage that belonged to a friend of ours. It was outside of town and the power was not grounded, so we were constantly getting shocked. But we could be loud there. Last year, when we caught our big break, we bought the garage, re-did the electric, and installed an HVAC system. People thought we were crazy to put money into it, but especially once the heater was installed, it was very comfy there. We got a couch and a fridge and have loved the climate controlled space ever since. Now that our label is funding us, we can keep the furnace running all the time without having to worry about temperature inconsistency ruining instruments. The thermostat is programmed to keep the space at a constant 68 degrees and the humidifier is also always running. Of course when it’s hot in the summer, we run the air conditioner and the dehumidifier, just to maintain year round conditions. The HVAC system in there actually makes it so comfortable that we’ve debated putting bunks in there. The heating bill at my apartment certainly isn’t paid for by the label, so I’m seriously considering moving in.