Defective HVAC equipment

It is really hard to get noticed in high school if you are not inherently popular. I think we all went to highschool with people who seemed to just naturally be liked by everyone. These people are usually good looking and have bubbly personalities. Well, I think my son is wonderful just the way he is, but most folks would not consider him to be a highschool hottie or have an infectious smile. That is just the way he is. However, he decided he was going to compete in the talent show at school last week in hopes of impressing this girl he wanted to ask to prom. He practiced until his act was perfect. However, his portion of the show was ruined as the heater inside the gymnasium blew out and began spewing smoke all over the place. He was really upset because he wanted to have a chance to impress that pretty girl in one of his classes. Because the school was so negligent with their HVAC equipment, though, that opportunity was ruined within seconds. The entire gym was evacuated because the school administers were worried about a possible fire. They thought the furnace was burning down right then and there. Luckily, no damage like that was done and nobody was physically harmed. At the end of it all, my son survived, but I know he was absolutely crushed after it happened. I hope they get that heating equipment all sorted out at the school. I already am quite upset that happened once and do not want to see it again.air conditioner repair

New HVAC equipment

I have never been a morning person. I find it to be really hard to wake up each day. I was like this as a young boy as well. I remember the battles my mother and I used to have before school each morning. She would come and wake me up and tell me that the school bus would be here in a half hour. I would not budge. Then she would come in five minutes later and start yelling. That is when I had to actually get my butt moving. As an adult, I struggle just as much every morning to open my eyes and crawl out of bed. However, I have found a way to make it a bit easier. Because I was always worried about being cold when ripping the covers off my body, I now just crank the heater in my house. It is really quite helpful. However, I do not sleep all through the night with the furnace on high because that would make me sweat too much and also would be so expensive. I think it is really great that I have a thermostat that can be controlled and programmed. Therefore, I have my thermostat turn on my heating equipment thirty minutes before I wake up every morning. This allows my room to get extra warm before I must leave the bed. Overall, I think this is a genius plan and it has really assisted me in waking up during the week. I don’t do it on weekends, though, because I wish to sleep longer.

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Different temperature preferences

Recently I went on a road trip with two friends. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my entire life. We packed really light, all I brought was a small bag of clothes and my camera. What else do you really need anyways? We saved for so long and finally were able to do it. We went coast to coast, across the entire country. It was truly the greatest time of my whole life, I felt like Britney Spears in that really dumb movie she made back in the early 2000s. It was a lot of money even though we stayed in super cheap places, but it was still such a great time. There was only one slightly annoying problem. We all have different temperature preferences while driving. This made a lot of the road trip a little bit uncomfortable. Luckily, we took my car so I really had the ultimate say over what the temperature was going to be on. It was weird though. Any time we reached a different state it felt like I had to either turn the heat up or down or the air conditioning on or off. The climate changes so much no matter where you are. My car has a pretty good HVAC system, it heats up quickly and also cools down really fast. Most of the time, I like it to be cool so that I can stay awake, so the other two normally wore sweatshirts in the car. All in all though, it was great.

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No air conditioning in a new house

I have spent every summer having an air conditioned place to sleep. My room at home not only had an air conditioning unit, but it was the best air conditioner that we had in the house. It got so cold that it would start spraying ice chips out through the vents when enough condensation accumulated on it. It was awesome. I’m not sure why they gave me the best one in the house, but I did not complain one single bit. It was the best. I moved down south last summer for an internship, and was so thankful that I had air conditioning in my room. It was so hot down there that people wouldn’t even go out during the day. I basically spent every moment in that air conditioned room unless I was forced outside. But returning to that room was great, because I was greeted with a blast of cold air. At this place, I was also worried about sleeping because I knew the south was really hot, so I was thankful that I showed up to an air conditioned room. However, this summer I won’t have air conditioning. And I’m living on an island, so it’s going to be really, really hot there. It’s going to be difficult I’m sure, but I hope that I can just bring my own air conditioning unit and put it in the window. I have a roommate this summer, but I’m sure she won’t mind. I really would be doing her and myself a favor, who could be mad about comfortable sleeping anyways?

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Working at the coffee shop

Recently, I started looking around town for a job. I just started my third year of college, my first year away from home. I’m no longer dependent on either of my parents, so I decided it was definitely time that I should be looking for a new job. A bunch of places had been hiring, but no matter how many times I applied, it seemed like I wasn’t going to get any jobs. Finally, I was hired at a local coffeeshop. It was great because my boss was very flexible about my hours since I was in college, and it was pretty close to campus so I could walk instead of wasting gas. However, the one thing I wasn’t too fond of at the place was the temperature. They always seemed to favor the air conditioning over the heating. I suppose it made sense, because if you run the air conditioning, then people might decide they want to buy more coffee to combat the cooling. However, we weren’t allowed to drink at the job, so I had to stand in an annoyingly chilly atmosphere during my shifts. I always saw the thermostat and was so tempted to make the simple adjustment to make the heating kick on instead of the cooling system. While I suppose it wasn’t bad, and it could have been worse, but I would have rather worked somewhere where the heating and cooling was running in favor of using the heating system. It would have made going and being at work much more enjoyable if I didn’t have to sit in front of an air conditioning unit for hours.

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Thinking about heating and cooling

It seems like movies that have to do with outer space are becoming more and more popular these days. I went to see one in the movie theater a couple of years ago and have noticed the trend popping up more and more since. I just finished watching one of the latest movies with my boyfriend and had so many questions about things it seems like they could have been doing. How did they lose contact with the space station the main character was on? Why did they have to go through such extreme measures to communicate with that person? It just didn’t seem to make sense to me. I also didn’t understand how he had a station that was powered and able to provide heating for him when he wanted it and air conditioning when he didn’t. I didn’t know what kind of power source was possible on that planet and how he was able to maintain his comfort levels so efficiently. I know we’re millions of miles away (literally) from making such extreme advancements like the movie portrayed, but it really got me thinking about how space shuttles and stations work. They must have a very modern heating and cooling system that keeps the occupants at the right level of comfort all the time. The people on the station probably also have to be trained to fix such equipment, so they need to be a sort of HVAC technician on the side, or at least have the knowledge to be one. A lot can go wrong in outer space, and having an HVAC system that doesn’t work sounds really bad.

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A broken heater

My wife and I decided to take our kids on a skiing trip over Christmas break. Of course, neither of us have any work and the kids had school off so it was naturally a perfect time to take them! We spent a few days teaching them the basics and it’s so nice to see that our lessons have paid off. Our little munchkins are all grown up and zipping down the main slope like a bunch of little pros. An interesting thing that we decided we would give a try is renting our own cabin. My wife usually likes to stay in hotels but we thought that we would give a rustic cabin close to the ski slopes a try. The cabin was a really nice place to stay in, that was until the HVAC system decided to break down. I’m not an experts on HVAC systems so I wasn’t quite sure what was going on and did not make an attempt to fix it. My wife and I called the local HVAC repairman to have the system fixed, however there were not any HVAC technicians on call. This was extremely unwelcome news, and as a result we were left without a furnace for the night. It got cold extremely quickly in the rental cabin, so I decided we would have to use the manual HVAC system: the fireplace. I went outside with my son and the two of us gathered up some wood. The fire that we were eventually able to create kept the whole place warm until the next day when the HVAC technicians arrived!


HVAC during a job interview

I was fresh out of college at the time. I had been struggling to find a job, but then I finally received a phone call about interviewing for my dream job. I was more than excited and knew that if I could just nail the interview, the job would be all mine. I was super nervous, but I got ready for the big day. I got my suit dry cleaned, I got a haircut, and I even trimmed my beard. It was going to be a fantastic day. I arrived at the office and was immediately hit with a heat wave as I walked in the door. It was somewhat chilly outside, so I knew the warmth had to be coming from an alternative source. Basically what happened was the heater inside the office was out of control and was not stopping at all. That darn thing had been running for hours on end, with no need of raising the temperature at all. Like I said, the high temperatures really bothered me and I don’t think I did so well during the interview. Had I been more cool and less sweaty, perhaps I could have shown myself in a better light. I wish I had a chance to redo that interview, because I am still unemployed right now and it is really hard to dwell on that day. Sometimes I blame myself for not reacting the right way, but other times I become furious at the heating and cooling equipment in that office. Someone did not do their job correctly and it could have potentially affected my career as well. heat pump installation

Relocating your HVAC gear

When you listen to the radio, there are so many things that sound better than they really are. For example, I once heard a car dealership advertise some great deals on a radio ad, but when I arrived, they told me that there were a bunch of other charges not included in that price. I had showed up to lease a car for a really good price, but left there with a quote that was more than $100 higher. I was very discouraged. Unfortunately, I did not learn my lesson. When I heard a commercial about flipping real estate last year, I jumped at the chance to buy and flip a property. What that commercial failed to point out was that if something goes wrong during the renovation, such as the hVAC equipment dying, then you must find out the best way to deal with it. I had no idea the first house I bought had such major heating and cooling issues. I had set a renovation budget for that place right after I bought it, but purchasing a brand new heater and air conditioner was not expected. I was blindsided and went way over budget when all was finished. I barely broke even on that house because I was not a trained HVAC technician and had to go out and hire a guy to do all the work properly. That cost me a good amount of money that I was not happy about spending. I have not tried to flip a house since then. I think I may be a little nervous.

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A bad heating system

I have five more weeks of the worst situation in my life. I am in student teaching and it is so bad that I cry just about everyday. My teacher is the most miserable human being on the planet. She takes great pride in making me miserable. The workload is intense and my teacher makes it worse. I have to take a college class and teacher certification tests while I work as well. I additionally have two outside job’s since student teaching does not pay. In between all that I need to get gas, work out, eat and sleep. It is a really sad and depressing life for me. What is just the icing on the cake is the temperature of the classroom. I do not even have the basic comfort of heat where I go. The classroom is always freezing cold everyday. I hate walking into the room and freezing my butt off. It is not the school’s air conditioner though. I realized that the heating system is just crappy. The heater is set to daylight savings time. So the heating system is turning on and off at the wrong times. Also the heating system turns off at two everyday. The school does not let out until three thirty. My teacher always keeps me late too. This means that I have to sit around in an unheated building for about three hours. It is horrible and I really need to yell at somebody. I want to get the number the school’s HVAC technician and rip him out. I literally hate my life, but the heating system just takes it too far.

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