A bad heating system

I have five more weeks of the worst situation in my life. I am in student teaching and it is so bad that I cry just about everyday. My teacher is the most miserable human being on the planet. She takes great pride in making me miserable. The workload is intense and my teacher makes it worse. I have to take a college class and teacher certification tests while I work as well. I additionally have two outside job’s since student teaching does not pay. In between all that I need to get gas, work out, eat and sleep. It is a really sad and depressing life for me. What is just the icing on the cake is the temperature of the classroom. I do not even have the basic comfort of heat where I go. The classroom is always freezing cold everyday. I hate walking into the room and freezing my butt off. It is not the school’s air conditioner though. I realized that the heating system is just crappy. The heater is set to daylight savings time. So the heating system is turning on and off at the wrong times. Also the heating system turns off at two everyday. The school does not let out until three thirty. My teacher always keeps me late too. This means that I have to sit around in an unheated building for about three hours. It is horrible and I really need to yell at somebody. I want to get the number the school’s HVAC technician and rip him out. I literally hate my life, but the heating system just takes it too far.

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