A broken heater

My wife and I decided to take our kids on a skiing trip over Christmas break. Of course, neither of us have any work and the kids had school off so it was naturally a perfect time to take them! We spent a few days teaching them the basics and it’s so nice to see that our lessons have paid off. Our little munchkins are all grown up and zipping down the main slope like a bunch of little pros. An interesting thing that we decided we would give a try is renting our own cabin. My wife usually likes to stay in hotels but we thought that we would give a rustic cabin close to the ski slopes a try. The cabin was a really nice place to stay in, that was until the HVAC system decided to break down. I’m not an experts on HVAC systems so I wasn’t quite sure what was going on and did not make an attempt to fix it. My wife and I called the local HVAC repairman to have the system fixed, however there were not any HVAC technicians on call. This was extremely unwelcome news, and as a result we were left without a furnace for the night. It got cold extremely quickly in the rental cabin, so I decided we would have to use the manual HVAC system: the fireplace. I went outside with my son and the two of us gathered up some wood. The fire that we were eventually able to create kept the whole place warm until the next day when the HVAC technicians arrived!