Defective HVAC equipment

It is really hard to get noticed in high school if you are not inherently popular. I think we all went to highschool with people who seemed to just naturally be liked by everyone. These people are usually good looking and have bubbly personalities. Well, I think my son is wonderful just the way he is, but most folks would not consider him to be a highschool hottie or have an infectious smile. That is just the way he is. However, he decided he was going to compete in the talent show at school last week in hopes of impressing this girl he wanted to ask to prom. He practiced until his act was perfect. However, his portion of the show was ruined as the heater inside the gymnasium blew out and began spewing smoke all over the place. He was really upset because he wanted to have a chance to impress that pretty girl in one of his classes. Because the school was so negligent with their HVAC equipment, though, that opportunity was ruined within seconds. The entire gym was evacuated because the school administers were worried about a possible fire. They thought the furnace was burning down right then and there. Luckily, no damage like that was done and nobody was physically harmed. At the end of it all, my son survived, but I know he was absolutely crushed after it happened. I hope they get that heating equipment all sorted out at the school. I already am quite upset that happened once and do not want to see it again.air conditioner repair