HVAC during a job interview

I was fresh out of college at the time. I had been struggling to find a job, but then I finally received a phone call about interviewing for my dream job. I was more than excited and knew that if I could just nail the interview, the job would be all mine. I was super nervous, but I got ready for the big day. I got my suit dry cleaned, I got a haircut, and I even trimmed my beard. It was going to be a fantastic day. I arrived at the office and was immediately hit with a heat wave as I walked in the door. It was somewhat chilly outside, so I knew the warmth had to be coming from an alternative source. Basically what happened was the heater inside the office was out of control and was not stopping at all. That darn thing had been running for hours on end, with no need of raising the temperature at all. Like I said, the high temperatures really bothered me and I don’t think I did so well during the interview. Had I been more cool and less sweaty, perhaps I could have shown myself in a better light. I wish I had a chance to redo that interview, because I am still unemployed right now and it is really hard to dwell on that day. Sometimes I blame myself for not reacting the right way, but other times I become furious at the heating and cooling equipment in that office. Someone did not do their job correctly and it could have potentially affected my career as well. heat pump installation