New HVAC equipment

I have never been a morning person. I find it to be really hard to wake up each day. I was like this as a young boy as well. I remember the battles my mother and I used to have before school each morning. She would come and wake me up and tell me that the school bus would be here in a half hour. I would not budge. Then she would come in five minutes later and start yelling. That is when I had to actually get my butt moving. As an adult, I struggle just as much every morning to open my eyes and crawl out of bed. However, I have found a way to make it a bit easier. Because I was always worried about being cold when ripping the covers off my body, I now just crank the heater in my house. It is really quite helpful. However, I do not sleep all through the night with the furnace on high because that would make me sweat too much and also would be so expensive. I think it is really great that I have a thermostat that can be controlled and programmed. Therefore, I have my thermostat turn on my heating equipment thirty minutes before I wake up every morning. This allows my room to get extra warm before I must leave the bed. Overall, I think this is a genius plan and it has really assisted me in waking up during the week. I don’t do it on weekends, though, because I wish to sleep longer.

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