No air conditioning in a new house

I have spent every summer having an air conditioned place to sleep. My room at home not only had an air conditioning unit, but it was the best air conditioner that we had in the house. It got so cold that it would start spraying ice chips out through the vents when enough condensation accumulated on it. It was awesome. I’m not sure why they gave me the best one in the house, but I did not complain one single bit. It was the best. I moved down south last summer for an internship, and was so thankful that I had air conditioning in my room. It was so hot down there that people wouldn’t even go out during the day. I basically spent every moment in that air conditioned room unless I was forced outside. But returning to that room was great, because I was greeted with a blast of cold air. At this place, I was also worried about sleeping because I knew the south was really hot, so I was thankful that I showed up to an air conditioned room. However, this summer I won’t have air conditioning. And I’m living on an island, so it’s going to be really, really hot there. It’s going to be difficult I’m sure, but I hope that I can just bring my own air conditioning unit and put it in the window. I have a roommate this summer, but I’m sure she won’t mind. I really would be doing her and myself a favor, who could be mad about comfortable sleeping anyways?

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