Relocating your HVAC gear

When you listen to the radio, there are so many things that sound better than they really are. For example, I once heard a car dealership advertise some great deals on a radio ad, but when I arrived, they told me that there were a bunch of other charges not included in that price. I had showed up to lease a car for a really good price, but left there with a quote that was more than $100 higher. I was very discouraged. Unfortunately, I did not learn my lesson. When I heard a commercial about flipping real estate last year, I jumped at the chance to buy and flip a property. What that commercial failed to point out was that if something goes wrong during the renovation, such as the hVAC equipment dying, then you must find out the best way to deal with it. I had no idea the first house I bought had such major heating and cooling issues. I had set a renovation budget for that place right after I bought it, but purchasing a brand new heater and air conditioner was not expected. I was blindsided and went way over budget when all was finished. I barely broke even on that house because I was not a trained HVAC technician and had to go out and hire a guy to do all the work properly. That cost me a good amount of money that I was not happy about spending. I have not tried to flip a house since then. I think I may be a little nervous.

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