Working at the coffee shop

Recently, I started looking around town for a job. I just started my third year of college, my first year away from home. I’m no longer dependent on either of my parents, so I decided it was definitely time that I should be looking for a new job. A bunch of places had been hiring, but no matter how many times I applied, it seemed like I wasn’t going to get any jobs. Finally, I was hired at a local coffeeshop. It was great because my boss was very flexible about my hours since I was in college, and it was pretty close to campus so I could walk instead of wasting gas. However, the one thing I wasn’t too fond of at the place was the temperature. They always seemed to favor the air conditioning over the heating. I suppose it made sense, because if you run the air conditioning, then people might decide they want to buy more coffee to combat the cooling. However, we weren’t allowed to drink at the job, so I had to stand in an annoyingly chilly atmosphere during my shifts. I always saw the thermostat and was so tempted to make the simple adjustment to make the heating kick on instead of the cooling system. While I suppose it wasn’t bad, and it could have been worse, but I would have rather worked somewhere where the heating and cooling was running in favor of using the heating system. It would have made going and being at work much more enjoyable if I didn’t have to sit in front of an air conditioning unit for hours.

heating system