The air in my offie is too dry

The static where I work is so awful and unbelievable. I must scuff my feet or something because everytime I go to sit in my chair, I get a shock. I have a chair with metal legs. When I accidently touch the metal on the chair I get a really powerful shock. It hurts and is super annoying. I get a shock constantly and my hair is so staticy. I can hear the static when I take off my jacket. I realized that the static and shock issues are because of the humidity. Where I work has insufficient humidity. There is not enough moisture in the air and that is why I get shocked. It would be a really simple fix too. All the office needs to do is install a humidifier in the HVAC unit. The humidifier can be installed directly into the HVAC unit. The heating and cooling system naturally dries out the air in a building. The air conditioner or heater will remove moisture naturally. The humidifier installed in the system then will add the necessary moisture. Too much moisture would be a huge issue with mold and mildew. But the HVAC unit will naturally adjust to the perfect humidity settings for the office. I would not have to experience static or shocks anymore if there was a humidifier. Also my skin would not be overly dry. Too dry of air also causes chapped lips and bloody noses. A humidifier is the best investment for any office, and it can be installed in just one simple visit.


Forced air heating

I am not very good at making decisions by myself. That is the very reason for why I married my husband. My husband is honestly one of the best decision makers that I have ever met in my entire life. I guess he kind of has to be since he is a financial analyst at a large speculation bank. He has to make monumental decisions about how to flip a commodity or when the right time to invest in a derivative is. So naturally I go to that smart man for all of my decision making needs. An example of this is when we decided to upgrade our home’s HVAC system last summer. We wanted to upgrade the heating and cooling system in the summer to avoid any snow that might make an installation more difficult. The two HVAC systems that we were thinking about were a forced air system and radiant flooring. The forced air system was cheaper and more generic, but it isn’t as responsive or as powerful as radiant flooring. Radiant flooring has the extra advantage of increasing the temperature of the home’s floors, but for a higher cost. I had no idea what to think about either the radiant flooring or forced air systems, so I delegated all of the decision making to my husband. He is such a silly man, he went to the library four days in a row just to do research on these types of heating and cooling systems. After that length of time he said he was still tentative but thought that radiant flooring was the smarter decision for our home.

heated flooring 

Passive aggressive roommates

I have been living in an apartment with a few roommate for quite a few months now. It has been alright, of course there are bound to be problems whenever you’re sharing a living space with people you don’t know. I get kind of fed up with the fact that I am always the one putting dishes away. I do tend to wear my shoes indoors though and whenever I see a roommate cleaning the floors I just know that they have something to say to me. So these little passive aggressive attacks on each other are a pretty common occurrence, but nothing is quite as bad as the silent HVAC system war we have going. See, about a week after moving in my roommate started turning the thermostat in our apartment up to about seventy five degrees. This was kind of nice when the snow was still on the ground. However, now it’s the middle of April and the HVAC system seriously needs to be kept down. I was just minding my own business, studying in my room when all of the sudden I thought I was going to have a heat stroke due to all the intensely hot air coming through the ventilation system. Naturally I got up and turned the thermostat down to about sixty, a reasonable temperature. To my surprise though, about an hour later I checked the thermostat and one of the roommates had turned the heat back down. This has been happening for awhile and I seriously think we need to sit down and establish some ground rules on how to operate the HVAC system fairly.


Endless plumbing tasks

I need to get away on vacation, because my house is driving me nuts.  Something new seems to go wrong every single day, and I can’t keep up.  I am tired of devoting all of my time to upkeep around the house.  Yesterday morning, I replaced three lightbulbs and changed the filter in the furnace.  I noticed that the bathroom faucet had very low water pressure.  I took it apart, cleaned the aerator, and put it back together.  The drain in the sink was also moving very slowly.  I put a plumber’s snake down the drain, and pulled out a bunch of disgusting and slimy hair.  While I was at it, I did the same to the drain in the tub.  I removed a ball of hair bigger than a mouse.  I realized that the shower head was continually dripping, and so I took that apart as well.  The shower head needed a new washer, so I drove to the hardware store and bought one.  Once I got the shower head back together, I figured I might as well wash down the whole bathroom.  While I was cleaning the toilet, I noticed that it was leaking around the base.  I shut off the water, removed the toilet, and needed a new wax ring.  I drove back to the hardware store for the wax ring, and then installed the toilet properly.  After all of my hard work, I wanted to take a shower.  I was looking forward to some serious water pressure from my freshly cleaned shower head.  Unfortunately, there was no hot water.  I now need to replace my water heater.

water heater 

Moving in with my girlfriend

I made a giant mistake and asked my girlfriend to live with me.  We haven’t been together that long, but we were spending most nights together.  It seemed ridiculous for both of us to be paying full rent on two separate apartments.  We were both paying utility bills, and struggling to save any money.  Moving in together and sharing expenses seemed like a really smart idea.  We’ve been living together for about six months, and it’s not working out.  We both agreed that we need to do everything possible to cut costs, but she is constantly wasting money.  In the winter, I keep the thermostat set as low as possible, trying to lower our utility bill.  I have frequently come home from work and found the furnace blasting, even though our apartment was empty.  She would crank up the thermostat while she was getting dressed in the morning, and then forget to turn it back down.  I decided to install a programmable thermostat to make it simpler to conserve energy.  She got all mad that I spent the money on a fancy thermostat.  She said I didn’t care about her comfort.  She complains that she’s broke, and then heads to the mall and buys three new pairs of shoes.   I thought the programmable thermostat would help, but I keep catching her opening the window.  In the middle of January, when the outside temperature is twenty degrees, she’ll open the window if she’s too warm.  There’s no way I can live with her this summer.  If she’s running the air conditioner and opening windows in July, I’ll have to kill her.air conditioning

Why a ductless mini split can be the right option

Did you know that the average family spends around a thousand dollars per year on heating and cooling.  If you switch from a conventional air conditioner to a ductless mini-split system, you can cut twenty to thirty percent off of the energy you use each month.  That adds up to reducing the cost of cooling your home by up to thirty percent.  Ductless air conditioners are amazing little systems.  Instead of heating or cooling the entire house to one temperature, a ductless system lets you target specific rooms.  If you’ve got a room that’s always a little too hot or cold, a ductless unit is the perfect solution.  You only need to heat or cool rooms that are being used, and you can customize temperature to your liking.  Most mini-split systems are a heat pump, so you can enjoy both heating and cooling capability in a single unit.  They are also simple to install.  You don’t need to tear down walls or ceilings to install ductwork.  You don’t need to spend a week living with disruption and mess.  Most often, a ductless HVAC system can be completely installed in a single day.  The indoor units are only about seven inches deep, and are super lightweight, so they can be mounted just about anywhere.  Once it’s up and running, operation is wonderfully quiet and you can make adjustments from a convenient remote.  You don’t need to get out of bed to switch from heating to cooling, raise or lower temperature, or change fan speeds.  Most ductless systems offer sleep modes that automatically adjust to conserve energy.  Some modern units even let you operate the system from your smartphone.  

mini split air conditioning 

A winter pregnancy

My husband and I are pregnant with our second child. This time we are expecting a girl and are beyond excited. Our son is now three and is thrilled that he is going to be a big brother. He practices feeding and rocking a baby with his teddy bears. He has been so interested in how my body is changing that he likes to measure my tummy every month and has “helped” with the painting and prepping of the nursery. He really loves going to the doctor visits with us when we have appointments so he can hear his new sisters heartbeat and see her picture on the ultrasound machine. I have never been a big fan of the winter months and this pregnancy falls right smack in the middle of winter. I am always cold and it is very hard to add layers when nothing fits properly. Our house is heated with a furnace and we generally have not had any problems with it. My husband has the furnace serviced by our HVAC provider every year to make sure it is in working order. For some reason this year our furnace got “clunky” it was of course a Sunday morning when we woke to the strange noise coming from our basement and then in a matter of hours our furnace was not running properly. My husband started a fire in the fireplace which helped to keep the house warm and I decided that two blankets would be enough. Since it was Sunday we would not have someone out to look at the furnace until the next day. Our HVAC provider had someone out right away and by the next night at dinner our house was toasty warm.  heating and air

Getting my HVAC replaced

Last year I decided that I needed a change and wanted a fresh start with life. My husband and I had recently divorced, I was about to retire from my teaching career and my children all had children of their own. My oldest lived out west and my youngest did not even live in the same country so there was nothing keeping me where I was. I took a road trip with one of my girlfriends over our schools spring break to look into some potential places to move too. I decided that I was tired of the winter weather and that I was going to be headed south. As soon as school let out I booked a week at a resort so that I could start house hunting. I fell in love with the first house I looked at. It was a small cottage, two bedroom and one bath. The back yard was lovely with well established gardens. The previous owners had just replaced the house’s’ heating and cooling system. I was assured that they did not get much of a winter down there so the heating unit would not be used that often but the summer days can get very hot so the air conditioning would be my saving grace. I promptly put my home on the market and it sold faster than I thought it would. By the end of the summer I was in my new little cottage in the south. On cool evenings I like to sit on my back porch but in the hot day relaxing and reading a good book in front of my air conditioner is where you will find me.

air conditioner repair 

Trouble with the central air conditioning

When my wife and I had to take our 18 year old daughter to college across the country, we hired a friend of ours to watch our dog and our home.  She ended up staying at our place because she lives about a half hour away from us.  It was just easier this way.  Plus, our dog really enjoys her company.  We were happy to have her stay at our place.  But on the second night away, I received a call from our house sitter, frantic about the lack of air conditioning in the house.  We had never had trouble with our unit in the past, so I was unsure of what could be happening.  Because I was so far away, I also could not drive back.  We had to leave this issue up to the house sitter if she wanted a working air conditioner while we were away.  Otherwise, I would take care of the problem when I returned.  She decided to contact a local HVAC company the following day and schedule an appointment.  I assured our house sitter that I would reimburse her for whatever she may have to pay for out of pocket.  When the HVAC technician came by my house, he was quickly able to fix the unit, no replacement parts needed.  My house sitter was happy about this and just paid him for his time.  She relayed this information to my wife and I, both of us were also pleased that the unit air conditioning unit was once again working.  I was especially pleased that I would be returning to a cool house!

Inconsistent weather and my heater

Every year, around the end of March, my city’s weather greatly improves.  The snow melts, the flowers start to bud, and the temperature increases.  I always look forward to the spring season because that means summer is right around the corner.  I absolutely despise the cold weather and hope to someday move away from it.  This year, the weather pattern has switched up a bit and while the weather did improve at the end of March, it grew cold again at the beginning of April.  I had to bring out my winter clothes and blankets from storage, in an attempt to keep warm.  My heating system continued to run and produce heat, but I could tell that it was not working efficiently.  I contacted my local HVAC technician and inquired if an appointment would be necessary.  My HVAC technician advised that the soonest he could get to my house would be two weeks from now.  I made the appointment but hope that by that time, the weather will no longer be as frigid.  Sure, my system will need to have a service appointment after the winter season ends; I just hope that my equipment continues to work until the appointment!  There were years in the past where my HVAC system stopped working before my scheduled service appointment and it really made me upset.  I hope that does not happen this year. I was looking forward to being able to hang out outside and to have lower monthly heating bills, but the weather had another plan in mind.