A civil war nerd

Owning a ton of civil war artifacts is something that I am very proud of. My friends pick on me and call me museum man, but I know it is just good natured joking around. I think they all enjoy the artifacts too. I started collecting them when I was just a high schooler. The first one my grandfather actually gave to me. It was a hat that his grandfather brought home from the battlefield. It was already mounted in a display case and everything. Just like that, I was hooked. About three years ago, my house really took on museum status though, when I went out of my way to have an HVAC system designed, mainly around my artifacts. Sure it is nice to have state of the art climate control capabilities, simply on the basis of personal enjoyment and comfort, but the heating and cooling equipment I had installed puts some actual museums to shame. One of the main parts is the HVAC zone control feature, which allows me to separately control the three rooms that all the artifacts are in. The humidity and temperature control are always on and closely monitored in those rooms. The thermostats for the rooms are controlled by one universal remote. I keep the HVAC set differently in each room, according with what is stored inside. Most of the time though the air conditioner, air purifier, and humidity control are running. Regardless of whether it’s paper documents, fabric articles, or wood and metal, heating is never really necessary. Cool via A/C is usually the way to go.