Getting married

I am getting married soon and I can’t wait. Do not get me wrong I love my fiance a lot and I am excited for our life together. But I cannot wait for the wedding to be over. I have heard nothing about the wedding for months now. I am the man so I only care how much the bill is going to be. The color of the flowers, the dinner or even the DJ do not concern me. I do not care if her cousin is pregnant and will look bad in the bridesmaid dress. I do not care if her brother is our only vegetarian and refuses to eat any of the dinner options. I just want to get in and out with as little of pain as possible. What I am now in charge of is the HVAC at our reception. My fiance picked the place because it is really old and has a bunch of paintings around. I personally thought it looked like a dump, but I did not really care. Anyway we got a call from the building owner that the AC in the building is not working. They are hoping to have a HVAC technician come in to repair it the morning of our wedding. My fiance is worried that we will not have air conditioning for our summer wedding. I am now in charge of calling the building and ensuring that it will be fixed. I also will have to be on the technician’s butt to leave right away so we can set everything up for our wedding.

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