Living at home

I am single and in my twenties. I graduated college a long time ago and get a job in my hometown. My work is about two minutes away from my childhood home. It made no sense to get a place of my own. So now I live at home, work a local job and spend most evenings with my parents. I do not have any friends anymore. They all moved away from me or we lost touch. Now my best friend is my mother and father. Friday night should be a night of alcohol and partying. Instead on friday what I do is hang out with my parents. It should be depressing but I am really excited for my friday night. My mother and I are going to order ahead for our favorite pizza. My father will get us chip and dip. We then are going to watch a movie on the family couch together. I love evenings like this. Instead of freezing to death in a skimpy outfit at the bar, I am comfortable. The furnace is warm and it heats my house to the right temperature. The heating system makes the whole area comfortable and I can wear my pajamas. I do not have to do my hair or my makeup. I can just enjoy superior company, heating, food and environment. Why would I ever want to leave? I have no expenses and I get all my needs taken care of by my family. It is such a great setup for me and my parents. We all are together and enjoying each other’s company.

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