My new floors

I have never been a fan of carpeting in a house. I think that no matter how many times you vacuum it or steam clean it, it is still dirty. My husband and I bought an old farm house a few years ago and have been slowly making changes to our new home. The first thing we needed to replace was the windows. All of the frames had rotted over time and we would lose a lot of heat during the winter. We saw a huge change in our electric bill after having all the of the windows replaced. The roof needed some patching as well and the front porch needed to be redone, the floor boards were rotting and we could not walk on it without the risk of falling through. Now, we are on to the floors in the house. Most of the floors are covered with carpet. I hate the carpet. We started to pull it up and in some of the rooms there is beautiful hard wood. We will sand that down and then finish it. In the living and dining rooms however there is only sub flooring. We have decided that once we pull those carpets up we will install hydronic heating system. This is when the house is heated by hydronic heating tubes that are under the floors. Rather than the house being heated by the traditional vents it will radiate the heat from the floors warming the room above. I enjoy walking around barefoot so this will be a really nice addition for me as well.