Not living in a trailer

I do not know what is the deal with my boyfriend and a trailer. My boyfriend is determined to put the two of us in a trailer. I know he likes to save money and basically pack it all away. His grand plan is to be a millionaire when he retires. My point is that we might as well enjoy the money while we are able to do things. I do not want to be in my seventies and not able to enjoy the money. My boyfriend will not be swayed though, he looks for the cheapest option on everything. Rather than buy a home, he wants a trailer. He thinks he can pack me away in a small trailer. I have demands and needs though. I like having my own space and bedroom. We also need our privacy. We would drive each other crazy if we were packed away in a tight space. We argue and have opposite opinions on everything. He is the neat freak and I am the slob. He loves to listen to music all day long and I love the quiet. I love the heat and he loves the cold. I always want to turn on the furnace and be warm. He is constantly begging to turn on the air conditioning. We right now live in separate apartments. This works well for us since we can just alter the temperature once the other one leaves. If we lived in a small space, HVAC would be something we argue about all day long. The trailer could not accommodate zone control either.