Shopping and HVAC

For as long as I can remember, I have loved shopping. The problem when you are younger, though, is that you cannot drive to stores by yourself. Also, most kids do not have tons of money to spend on themselves. As a kid, your only wish is that a parent can drive you somewhere and also buy you some stuff. That is why I always loved school shopping. My mom would load us into the car and drive to the nearest mall. Once we were there, she would buy us all of these new clothes to wear to school that year. I look back on those times fondly and some of them are great memories for me. While I still love shopping to this very day, I recently had a horrible experience at the mall. As luck would have it, the cooling equipment in that place shut down the same exact day I decided to go on a shopping spree. I had all of this money just burning a hole in my pocket. I could not way to spend it and go get myself some new attire. However, that whole day just dragged on forever as the air conditioning was not working in the least bit. I am used to shopping at the mall when the HVAC equipment is in good working order. When it was failing that day, I was sweating profusely in almost every single store I was in. It was absolutely brutal. We ended up leaving earlier than we wanted to go eat ice cream and cool off a bit.

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