Starting over

I have lived in the same house, in the same town on the same street for the last ten years. I am ready for a change. I feel like I am stuck in a rut and a move should help me feel like myself again. The house market is not all that bad and I think I should be able to sell my home and find a new one fairly quickly. Fortunately I work from home so finding a new job won’t be an issue. I will just need to update my information with human resources once I find a new place and get settled in. I have even thought about renting, then any home improvements and upkeep is not my responsibility.Then again renting is very limiting as well, you pay all this money and in the end you have nothing to show for it. I know that in my new home I have to have a home heating and cooling unit. A new home also means home improvements! I would only cool my old home with fans and opening the windows. In the winter my clunky old furnace would some what do the trick but it was also loud and troublesome. I can not wait to find a new place with a new HVAC system, just the thought of being able to control the temperature in my entire house by hitting a few buttons has me anxious to sell this old place and move into my new one. Tonight I will start my online search, while sitting in front of the fan of course.

climate control system