This hotel is cold

When I was a kid staying the night in a hotel was a great experience. We went from having hard water with no water pressure to a great shower. I was always amazed with how long you could shower and still have hot water. The water pressure felt like I was being washed with an elephant hose. The water also was not hard water that made my hair turn orange. The hotel also had great shampoo and conditioner. The beds were never great, but they were huge. I had to sleep in a lumpy twin bed at home. In a hotel I got to sleep in a full size bed. The HVAC in the hotel was always quite an experience as well. My family has never owned air conditioning. Buying an air conditioner is kind of pointless for where we live. The temperatures never get above seventy degrees. So who really needs AC? When we would vacation, our hotel always had a quality cooling unit. It always had amazing air flow and would cool the room instantly. If we ever needed heat for our room, the heating unit was great. Back when I was a kid we used an old boiler system and a space heater for our home. At a hotel we got a quality heating system that worked fantastic. Now as an adult, a hotel is not a great experience. I now live in a quality house with a good HVAC unit. My shower does not use hard water and I sleep in a queen sized bed. My perspective on luxury has changed a bit.

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Dusty air at my internship

I am doing an internship in a really run down small office space. I did an internship with one company for two months and now I am at a new company. Both businesses have such an issue with air quality. Because of my experience, I am really passionate when it comes to air quality. Why are places of business not taking care of their air? So many things can go wrong with your air. The air can be really dry or too moist. The businesses tend to have too dry of air. The dry air causes my eyes to turn red and start watering. Everyday when I leave the office it looks like a smoked a bunch of questionable substances. I also have been getting nosebleeds due to the air quality. Other issues caused by dry air is dry skin and chapped lips. Too moist of air will cause mildew and mold growth. Also these businesses have dusty air. The dust in the air could be due to the HVAC unit being really dusty. If the heating and cooling unit have dusty filters, then that dust will circulate in the breathing air. The dust also could be piling up in the ductwork of the HVAC unit. Ductwork should be cleaned every few years to eliminate this issue. To solve the dust issues, cleaning with a HVAC technician should happen. Additionally the businesses could install UV lights in their units to eliminate the amount of dust collecting. Both answers are simple and would solve major problems. It just can’t take the bad air anymore.

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Being overheated makes for a miserable trip

Yesterday, I spent four hours on an airplane, and it was an absolutely miserable experience.  The plane was overheated, and the air was stale.  I had sweat running down my back, and I was dehydrated the entire time.  I don’t know if there was some type of heating system blasting hot air, or if there was no access to air conditioning.  Most of my fellow passengers failed to shut the blinds over the windows, which allowed the sun to beat in.  The interior of the plane did not smell very good.  I am sure the air quality was extremely unhealthy.  I was very excited when the stewardess finally came around to offer beverages.  Because I was seated in the very back of the plane, it took her awhile to get to me.  By then, she was completely out of bottled water.  I settled for a glass of orange juice over ice.  I quickly drank the orange juice and started sucking on the ice.  The guy sitting next to me was really fat.  He crowded into my seat, and he was sweating profusely.  I kept fanning myself with my magazine.  I couldn’t wait to finally get off that airplane.  Unfortunately, the temperature control in the airport was no better.  Despite mild outside temperatures, the HVAC system was pumping heat into the airport.  Maybe it’s designed to make people hurry along.  I certainly didn’t want to hang around in the airport any longer than was necessary.  It was such a relief to step outside, and breathe some fresh air.  After a day of traveling, I had a severe headache, and was desperately in need of a shower.

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Working at a coffee shop

I had to check out of my hotel room at eleven o’clock in the morning.  My husband was speaking at a conference, and so I was on my own until five o’clock in the evening.  I had no car, and I needed to get some work done.  I carried my laptop to a nearby coffee shop, ordered a cup of tea, and found a good table to sit at.  It was about ninety degrees outside, so I was wearing a sleeveless sundress.  The HVAC system in the coffee shop cycled on and off every couple of minutes.  When it was operating, it was so loud that it drowned out the sound system.  Every time it turned on, it blasted freezing cold air.  I would sit there, shivering uncontrollably.  I considered grabbing a stack of napkins and trying to fashion some sort of blanket.  The cold temperature made it nearly impossible to get any work done.  I was distracted by how cold it was.  When the air conditioner shut off, it was such a relief.  I wasn’t pleasantly warm, but at least I wasn’t at risk of hypothermia.  I was glad that I was sitting near the door.  Every time someone entered or exited the coffee shop, the warm outside air would hit me.  It felt great.  I would have preferred to sit outside in the ninety degree heat, with the sun pounding down on me, but there was no available exterior seating.  I was really eager for my husband to pick me up.  Stepping outside of the coffee shop and climbing in the hot car was the best part of my day.

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