What you have to know about zone control

It was that time of year again! The time I came back from my annual fishing trip. I had such fun out fishing with the family. We caught tons and tons of mullet fish, which was exactly what we went out on the river for. I couldn’t wait to put them on the smoker. We also conveniently caught some shrimp, so we could have some shrimp skewers, or cocktail shrimp that night. Freshwater shrimp look extremely creepy before you clean them, but when it doesn’t bother you, you get to eat the most delicious shrimp you’ll ever taste. So, we entered our home, and immediately the first thing that we enjoyed was the cooling system. It was so nice to walk in the door and feel the humidity lifted from our skin after days of sitting on the water under the sun rays. I asked my dad if he had recently upgraded his HVAC system. He told me yes, that he had learned about new methods of climate control from his good friend in the business. I didn’t expect it, but he told me all about HVAC technology and what his friend taught him about it. He explained that he got rid of his old system, salvaged what he could, and got a new energy efficient HVAC system installed in the home. He said it was a pretty decent expense, but that it had saved him money in the long run due to him not having to pay for leaking air ducts, and heating or cooling rooms in his home that he wasn’t using. It was saving him a fortune when I thought about it. That night at dinner, he gave me his HVAC-incorporated friend’s phone number so I could contact him, and I was very thankful.

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Our beach house

Recently my family and I decided to take a trip and head to the beach.  Life had gotten so busy as of late and we were really needing a break from life for a little bit and so we rented a beach house for a weekend.  That place was so beautiful and it had plenty of room for my family to kick back and relax.  We went out to the beach often to relax in the sun and there was even a pool in our backyard when we didn’t want to go out and swim in the ocean.  There was a grill on the back porch and we made some pretty awesome meals with it.  On the last day though we ran into a little bit of trouble.  The beach house was two stories and that fateful day the air conditioner stopped working on the top floor.  You see the hose had zone control heating and cooling and the HVAC system was different for the upstairs and downstairs.  The air conditioner was in full effect downstairs and it was quite cool, but the problem upstairs needed to be addressed because that is where we were going to be sleeping at night.  We didn’t really know what to do and so we called the owner of the house and asked for some advice.  They were then able to consult an HVAC technician and talk us through what we needed to do to fix it.  We followed the instructions, fixed the air conditioner, and slept good all night.HVAC tune-up

At the local coffee shop

The other morning, I went out for coffee with my girlfriends. Many in the working-class environment are unaware of our little get-together “Meetings for Mamas”. We all get together and discuss what we are doing to teach our children, and what discipline and reinforcement methods have been effective. We also like to go over things like what projects our children like to do. This way, we are all in tact when it comes to things like how our children grow in certain stages, and the most helpful learning methods. Well, when I arrived at the meeting the other day, it was a day the weatherman warned us about. It was borderline 100 degrees outside. I hoped the shop’s HVAC system was running properly, as this was a locally-owned business, and it’s not unheard of for a maintenance issue to occur. However, when I got there, my gut feeling had told me correctly. The air conditioner was having some sort of an issue. The other moms were standing around with various iced coffee drinks, looking like they were about to keel over. When I went to investigate, it appeared that the air conditioner was running, but that it wasn’t strong enough to beat the heat outside today. It was an A/C window unit, and the air did not appear to be flowing through it freely. Having experience growing up with window unit cooling systems, I asked if I could investigate the issue. When granted, I removed the fan cover and saw that the filter was completely covered in filth. Just like the old days, I took care of it, and reassembled. The airflow and the indoor air quality instantly improved, and the shop was at least somewhat enjoyable that day. I was known as  “Super Mom” for a while afterwards.

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A much needed upgrade

I went shopping the other day, and ran into one of my old neighbors in the parking lot. I hate being “that person” that holds up a line of traffic in a parking lot, but of course, I had to stop and chat. I told her I would pull up and meet her on foot. She lived next door to a suite that my husband and I used to rent in a quadruplex. She got me caught up on all the neighborhood gossip that had happened for the past year. I thought it was pretty funny hearing all of that again, I hadn’t thought about it in months. She also reminded me of the reason why we moved — our terrible HVAC service. We used to have a handyman that would come and do any repairs we needed in general for our home. We had the same landlord, so we both knew that the man did not know anything about heating and air conditioning. Obviously, we weren’t as knowledgeable as a professional HVAC technician would be either, but we knew that whatever it was he was doing wasn’t working. When we lived there, our last straw was when we found the outside air conditioning unit two feet deep in ants. Literally everywhere there were anthills inside and outside our condenser. The neighbor told me she had spoken to the landlord about the HVAC issues, and advised her handyman had come three times to try and “fix” her air conditioner, and ours as well. The people in the third unit had also had the handyman show up for the A/C issues probably 7 times. It turned out that the landlord eventually got the hint, and hired an actual HVAC service to install new HVAC units for the entire building.

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Take a look at these new HVAC products

Two days ago, it seemed to be a normal day of going to class towards achieving my AA degree. I’m not doing so well in one of my classes, which I do not want to reflect on my school transcripts. Therefore, I took the time to speak with my professor about perhaps doing something to gain some extra credit. My professor is very kind, and happens to think I am an exceptional student in his class. He thought for a minute, and then decided to let me teach as an extracurricular assignment. I did not have a choice over the subject, so I was assigned a lunch-and-learn 30 minute lecture about HVAC. I was given a week to put it together, and then demonstrate it. When I got home from school, I had a headache thinking of how I would take something like air conditioning and make it interesting. How was I supposed to learn everything about HVAC in a week? I certainly had a lot of learning to do. I sat down, and started searching the internet for articles about how air conditioning works, how heating systems work, what type of HVAC systems are in existence, and why one would be better than the other. When all was said and done, I had already written down enough information to fill more than half of my lecture with HVAC-related knowledge. Pleased with myself, I transferred my notes into a slideshow program, labeled them with pictures and charts, and was well on my way to finishing my presentation about HVAC and how as a normal citizen, you can improve your indoor air quality and electric bill with just a few tweaks. I think I might offer to present this sooner than next week, so it’s still fresh on my mind.

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Some tips for your A/C

I am in the midst of a very stressful time right now. My husband and I have been looking around for a new vehicle for a few weeks. It has been all we’ve talked about and thought about every day.  We must get a brand new car because the old van we have had for years is finally on its last few days. It’s not going to hold up much longer. We need to find just the right vehicle for our family that has adequate space, gets really good mileage and it is also a little sporty looking. Because this is not an easy decision, we have been weighing all of our options for quite a long time. Unfortunately, some other important details were delegated to the backburner. For example, I had completely forgotten about the care and service our home’s HVAC unit. The air conditioner in a home needs to be inspected by an HVAC technician every spring and fall to avoid any potential problems during the most inclement months of the year. Because of the focus on car shopping, I had totally neglected the service appointment, until our HVAC provider service called us to set up an appointment. It is very unusual for companies to call you out of the blue to set up a visit. However, we are signed up on the annual HVAC maintenance program with our local service, so we were reminded to get our appointment set for this season’s service. I was very happy to have this reminder during a very busy time. It sure takes the pressure off of me. I never have to worry about our heating or cooling equipment failing us when we will need it most. Our family and our home is way better off with reliable HVAC devices.

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I love this heater

I have never spoken to a person who has had anything good to say about the DMV. It was just my luck that I had to go there recently. I arrived and already knew my fate was sealed. The line was enormous and everyone looked unhappy. I thought it wouldn’t be that big of a deal waiting since I had my smart phone with me. I took a number and began playing games on my phone. I absorbed myself into it and drowned out the grumblings and children crying. I tried to lose sense of the time I spent waiting while keeping an eye on what number was next. What I couldn’t block out was how hot it was within the DMV. It was August and it had to have been about eighty inside the building. I could actually smell the sweat of one of the other people waiting. I wanted to move away from them but there was no where else to sit and I wasn’t going to stand without air conditioning on me. I couldn’t believe they didn’t have their air conditioning on. I don’t know if it was broken or if it was a way to save money, but I do know it was awful. The people of the DMV have to know that being there alone makes people miserable, why would they enhance that by not having their air conditioning on when it should be on is what I wondered. Perhaps they enjoyed the look of misery on people’s faces. Yet the staff looked miserable as well without air conditioning. I just hope I don’t have to return any time soon.heating technology

these heated floors are awesome

School ended and I took all my important belongings from my apartment, back to my home. When I got home, I realized I left my phone charger and inhaler in my room. I drove back after a few days, but I had no key to get into the house. My landlord said she’d be over within the hour, and in the meantime I spent some time with my friend in the upstairs apartment who was staying for the summer. It was quite a hot day. I sat on his couch as I waited, and over some time I began to sweat. I didn’t understand why until I remembered school apartments don’t have AC, because no one stays over this break. The heat of the house has been rising to the top of the home, too. I regretted wearing a sweater after the first 15 minutes, and I kept making eye contact with the ceiling fan. I wished the apartments had air conditioning of some sort; I could not stay here over a break without it. When my landlord had finally arrived, I eventually encouraged her to install an HVAC system. People might want to live in these apartments over the summer, and since none of them have an HVAC system, more people would definitely flock to this home. And she would make more money with having a more constant set of summers with students staying because of the cooling. My poor friend living upstairs must sweat so much when he sleeps. He can’t come home from work to a cool home.

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My A/C isn’t working

Every May after school lets out for the summer, my family and I take a week long vacation.  This year was no different; we headed out on the kids’ first day of summer, ready for a week of fun.  After we got back from vacation last week, we noticed that the house felt warmer than normal.  While we were away, a neighbor lady looked in on our house from time to time.  We figured that she had just turned off the central air conditioner in an attempt to save us money.  My wife cranked up the system and waited for the cool air to arrive.  But after an hour or two, we did not notice the house to be any cooler.  I stuck my hand in front of the wall vent and felt warm air coming from the unit.  I knew this was not right and quickly placed a call with my HVAC company, requesting an appointment at the HVAC technician’s earliest convenience.  My wife was impatient for the HVAC technician to arrive, although I suggested that she just turn on our ceiling fans and open up the windows for some air circulation.  My wife is not one to enjoy the outside air, so she just left the house, heading to the mall, advising me to let her know once it was safe to come back.  I hoped that nothing serious was wrong with the house’s air conditioning system.  My family had just spent quite a lot of money on our vacation and we were not really in a place to make another huge purchase for a little while.

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I need air conditioning in my country house

After living in the city for the past twenty years, I finally decided that I had had enough of the hustle and bustle of city life. I wanted to move out to the country, where I could have a large piece of land. I always enjoyed gardening, and had even had a little window box garden in my condo. But I longed to grow a real garden, with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and maybe even watermelon. I had been looking at homes for a long time, but couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. Some homes had a beautiful yard, but the house needed too much work, or the house was beautiful, but the yard was too small. Finally, I found the perfect house. The yard was large enough for a good-sized garden, and the house needed very little work. The biggest thing it lacked was an efficient HVAC system. I knew it would be worth it to have the old system replaced. I know that the newer systems are much more efficient and would save me money on my utility bills. I purchased the house, and immediately hired an HVAC company to install a new, high-efficiency HVAC system, with zone control. It’s a large house, so I think it’s important to be able to control the temperature in individual areas of the house. I can’t wait to move in and get my garden planted. I’m hoping that I’ll reap enough produce to start canning some of it. The only thing I will miss about the city, is that I have to drive everywhere, rather than take the bus or train.

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