A much needed upgrade

I went shopping the other day, and ran into one of my old neighbors in the parking lot. I hate being “that person” that holds up a line of traffic in a parking lot, but of course, I had to stop and chat. I told her I would pull up and meet her on foot. She lived next door to a suite that my husband and I used to rent in a quadruplex. She got me caught up on all the neighborhood gossip that had happened for the past year. I thought it was pretty funny hearing all of that again, I hadn’t thought about it in months. She also reminded me of the reason why we moved — our terrible HVAC service. We used to have a handyman that would come and do any repairs we needed in general for our home. We had the same landlord, so we both knew that the man did not know anything about heating and air conditioning. Obviously, we weren’t as knowledgeable as a professional HVAC technician would be either, but we knew that whatever it was he was doing wasn’t working. When we lived there, our last straw was when we found the outside air conditioning unit two feet deep in ants. Literally everywhere there were anthills inside and outside our condenser. The neighbor told me she had spoken to the landlord about the HVAC issues, and advised her handyman had come three times to try and “fix” her air conditioner, and ours as well. The people in the third unit had also had the handyman show up for the A/C issues probably 7 times. It turned out that the landlord eventually got the hint, and hired an actual HVAC service to install new HVAC units for the entire building.

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