At the local coffee shop

The other morning, I went out for coffee with my girlfriends. Many in the working-class environment are unaware of our little get-together “Meetings for Mamas”. We all get together and discuss what we are doing to teach our children, and what discipline and reinforcement methods have been effective. We also like to go over things like what projects our children like to do. This way, we are all in tact when it comes to things like how our children grow in certain stages, and the most helpful learning methods. Well, when I arrived at the meeting the other day, it was a day the weatherman warned us about. It was borderline 100 degrees outside. I hoped the shop’s HVAC system was running properly, as this was a locally-owned business, and it’s not unheard of for a maintenance issue to occur. However, when I got there, my gut feeling had told me correctly. The air conditioner was having some sort of an issue. The other moms were standing around with various iced coffee drinks, looking like they were about to keel over. When I went to investigate, it appeared that the air conditioner was running, but that it wasn’t strong enough to beat the heat outside today. It was an A/C window unit, and the air did not appear to be flowing through it freely. Having experience growing up with window unit cooling systems, I asked if I could investigate the issue. When granted, I removed the fan cover and saw that the filter was completely covered in filth. Just like the old days, I took care of it, and reassembled. The airflow and the indoor air quality instantly improved, and the shop was at least somewhat enjoyable that day. I was known as  “Super Mom” for a while afterwards.

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