I love this heater

I have never spoken to a person who has had anything good to say about the DMV. It was just my luck that I had to go there recently. I arrived and already knew my fate was sealed. The line was enormous and everyone looked unhappy. I thought it wouldn’t be that big of a deal waiting since I had my smart phone with me. I took a number and began playing games on my phone. I absorbed myself into it and drowned out the grumblings and children crying. I tried to lose sense of the time I spent waiting while keeping an eye on what number was next. What I couldn’t block out was how hot it was within the DMV. It was August and it had to have been about eighty inside the building. I could actually smell the sweat of one of the other people waiting. I wanted to move away from them but there was no where else to sit and I wasn’t going to stand without air conditioning on me. I couldn’t believe they didn’t have their air conditioning on. I don’t know if it was broken or if it was a way to save money, but I do know it was awful. The people of the DMV have to know that being there alone makes people miserable, why would they enhance that by not having their air conditioning on when it should be on is what I wondered. Perhaps they enjoyed the look of misery on people’s faces. Yet the staff looked miserable as well without air conditioning. I just hope I don’t have to return any time soon.heating technology