My A/C isn’t working

Every May after school lets out for the summer, my family and I take a week long vacation.  This year was no different; we headed out on the kids’ first day of summer, ready for a week of fun.  After we got back from vacation last week, we noticed that the house felt warmer than normal.  While we were away, a neighbor lady looked in on our house from time to time.  We figured that she had just turned off the central air conditioner in an attempt to save us money.  My wife cranked up the system and waited for the cool air to arrive.  But after an hour or two, we did not notice the house to be any cooler.  I stuck my hand in front of the wall vent and felt warm air coming from the unit.  I knew this was not right and quickly placed a call with my HVAC company, requesting an appointment at the HVAC technician’s earliest convenience.  My wife was impatient for the HVAC technician to arrive, although I suggested that she just turn on our ceiling fans and open up the windows for some air circulation.  My wife is not one to enjoy the outside air, so she just left the house, heading to the mall, advising me to let her know once it was safe to come back.  I hoped that nothing serious was wrong with the house’s air conditioning system.  My family had just spent quite a lot of money on our vacation and we were not really in a place to make another huge purchase for a little while.

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