Our beach house

Recently my family and I decided to take a trip and head to the beach.  Life had gotten so busy as of late and we were really needing a break from life for a little bit and so we rented a beach house for a weekend.  That place was so beautiful and it had plenty of room for my family to kick back and relax.  We went out to the beach often to relax in the sun and there was even a pool in our backyard when we didn’t want to go out and swim in the ocean.  There was a grill on the back porch and we made some pretty awesome meals with it.  On the last day though we ran into a little bit of trouble.  The beach house was two stories and that fateful day the air conditioner stopped working on the top floor.  You see the hose had zone control heating and cooling and the HVAC system was different for the upstairs and downstairs.  The air conditioner was in full effect downstairs and it was quite cool, but the problem upstairs needed to be addressed because that is where we were going to be sleeping at night.  We didn’t really know what to do and so we called the owner of the house and asked for some advice.  They were then able to consult an HVAC technician and talk us through what we needed to do to fix it.  We followed the instructions, fixed the air conditioner, and slept good all night.HVAC tune-up