Some tips for your A/C

I am in the midst of a very stressful time right now. My husband and I have been looking around for a new vehicle for a few weeks. It has been all we’ve talked about and thought about every day.  We must get a brand new car because the old van we have had for years is finally on its last few days. It’s not going to hold up much longer. We need to find just the right vehicle for our family that has adequate space, gets really good mileage and it is also a little sporty looking. Because this is not an easy decision, we have been weighing all of our options for quite a long time. Unfortunately, some other important details were delegated to the backburner. For example, I had completely forgotten about the care and service our home’s HVAC unit. The air conditioner in a home needs to be inspected by an HVAC technician every spring and fall to avoid any potential problems during the most inclement months of the year. Because of the focus on car shopping, I had totally neglected the service appointment, until our HVAC provider service called us to set up an appointment. It is very unusual for companies to call you out of the blue to set up a visit. However, we are signed up on the annual HVAC maintenance program with our local service, so we were reminded to get our appointment set for this season’s service. I was very happy to have this reminder during a very busy time. It sure takes the pressure off of me. I never have to worry about our heating or cooling equipment failing us when we will need it most. Our family and our home is way better off with reliable HVAC devices.

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