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Two days ago, it seemed to be a normal day of going to class towards achieving my AA degree. I’m not doing so well in one of my classes, which I do not want to reflect on my school transcripts. Therefore, I took the time to speak with my professor about perhaps doing something to gain some extra credit. My professor is very kind, and happens to think I am an exceptional student in his class. He thought for a minute, and then decided to let me teach as an extracurricular assignment. I did not have a choice over the subject, so I was assigned a lunch-and-learn 30 minute lecture about HVAC. I was given a week to put it together, and then demonstrate it. When I got home from school, I had a headache thinking of how I would take something like air conditioning and make it interesting. How was I supposed to learn everything about HVAC in a week? I certainly had a lot of learning to do. I sat down, and started searching the internet for articles about how air conditioning works, how heating systems work, what type of HVAC systems are in existence, and why one would be better than the other. When all was said and done, I had already written down enough information to fill more than half of my lecture with HVAC-related knowledge. Pleased with myself, I transferred my notes into a slideshow program, labeled them with pictures and charts, and was well on my way to finishing my presentation about HVAC and how as a normal citizen, you can improve your indoor air quality and electric bill with just a few tweaks. I think I might offer to present this sooner than next week, so it’s still fresh on my mind.

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