these heated floors are awesome

School ended and I took all my important belongings from my apartment, back to my home. When I got home, I realized I left my phone charger and inhaler in my room. I drove back after a few days, but I had no key to get into the house. My landlord said she’d be over within the hour, and in the meantime I spent some time with my friend in the upstairs apartment who was staying for the summer. It was quite a hot day. I sat on his couch as I waited, and over some time I began to sweat. I didn’t understand why until I remembered school apartments don’t have AC, because no one stays over this break. The heat of the house has been rising to the top of the home, too. I regretted wearing a sweater after the first 15 minutes, and I kept making eye contact with the ceiling fan. I wished the apartments had air conditioning of some sort; I could not stay here over a break without it. When my landlord had finally arrived, I eventually encouraged her to install an HVAC system. People might want to live in these apartments over the summer, and since none of them have an HVAC system, more people would definitely flock to this home. And she would make more money with having a more constant set of summers with students staying because of the cooling. My poor friend living upstairs must sweat so much when he sleeps. He can’t come home from work to a cool home.

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