What you have to know about zone control

It was that time of year again! The time I came back from my annual fishing trip. I had such fun out fishing with the family. We caught tons and tons of mullet fish, which was exactly what we went out on the river for. I couldn’t wait to put them on the smoker. We also conveniently caught some shrimp, so we could have some shrimp skewers, or cocktail shrimp that night. Freshwater shrimp look extremely creepy before you clean them, but when it doesn’t bother you, you get to eat the most delicious shrimp you’ll ever taste. So, we entered our home, and immediately the first thing that we enjoyed was the cooling system. It was so nice to walk in the door and feel the humidity lifted from our skin after days of sitting on the water under the sun rays. I asked my dad if he had recently upgraded his HVAC system. He told me yes, that he had learned about new methods of climate control from his good friend in the business. I didn’t expect it, but he told me all about HVAC technology and what his friend taught him about it. He explained that he got rid of his old system, salvaged what he could, and got a new energy efficient HVAC system installed in the home. He said it was a pretty decent expense, but that it had saved him money in the long run due to him not having to pay for leaking air ducts, and heating or cooling rooms in his home that he wasn’t using. It was saving him a fortune when I thought about it. That night at dinner, he gave me his HVAC-incorporated friend’s phone number so I could contact him, and I was very thankful.

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