A doctor who battled depression

I have been working to heal my fellow compatriots for as long as I can remember. This war between the rebels and the empire has taken up so much of this planet’s natural resources and destroyed so much of our HVAC system technology. The HVAC systems are especially important for us because on this planet we need them to survive. Our houses are literally required to have an HVAC system within it by law, and the penalty for not having a house equipped with an HVAC system is a steep fine. But with the war most of those laws about HVAC systems are becoming obsolete, however, the need for the HVAC systems remains. I have so many injured soldiers brought to me every day but sadly I haven’t an HVAC system within the hospital. The empire came through and seized so much of this town’s infrastructure, and unfortunately that included practically all of our HVAC systems. So these soldiers are having a very difficult time healing from their wounds because the atmosphere and temperature conditions are not sufficient for healing. I have to give them more drugs to compensate for the lack of an HVAC system, and that is far from ideal as well. Luckily we were able to find a retired HVAC technician to help us build a new HVAC system, but that is a slow and difficult process. I am getting older and more depressed by the day, so I really think I will have a breakdown if I don’t find an HVAC system soon. But then I remember healing people is my duty, HVAC system or not, so I must carry on.

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One of my favorite pastimes in my teenage years was photography. In my sophomore year, I took a graphic design class the first semester, and the teacher made me take their photography class the other half of the year. I complained a lot during the class, but I actually got pretty good at photography and learned a lot about the subject. My favorite part about photography was nature photography, which is mostly what I do currently. I love to do this, especially in the wintertime. I love bundling up in some nice and warm clothes and go outside, hiking in the snowy forest. I like to go out in early morning especially, because then I can get some nice shots of sun reflecting off of the snow, ice, and lakes. It may sound boring, but it is something that I love, despite having to withstand those freezing temperatures of the winter. Speaking of temperatures, there is a simple solution to how I deal with it being cold. I simply upgraded my heating system. I had done a lot of research about which HVAC contractors were reputable and had great services, and settled on one that seemed to be considered the best by everybody else. They installed the absolute best heating system. I can even control it from my phone so that it’ll start warming up before I even get home. Not only that, but there are never any cold pockets or anything of the like, and the ventilation and everything is in tip top shape, too. Sure, it did cost quite a bit of money, but it was definitely more than worth it. Even if I stopped doing photography I’d still love this system.

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A/C products for everyone

Living with my roommate, Angela, is sometimes difficult. She is extremely moody, so I never know whether she will be happy or angry. My roommate is a messy person, so I am usually cleaning up behind her in the kitchen and living room. She eats my food without asking. I have to hide my snacks or else she will eat them without letting me have any. I do not mind sharing, but she usually does not buy her own food. She never offers to pay me back for what she eats. She makes double the salary I do, so I don’t know why she does not buy her own groceries. Another problem we have is that she sets the thermostat on 80 degrees. We live in the south and it is July. She is trying to save money on our air conditioning bill, but I do not like feeling like the heater is on in the middle of summer. I wait until she goes to bed each night and I sneak out to the living room and turn the thermostat down to 72 degrees. It still feels like our apartment is burning hot like an oven, but at least at 72 degrees I am comfortable enough to go to sleep. I try to wake up before she goes to work every morning to turn the thermostat back up to 80 degrees, but I overslept this morning. When she saw the thermostat set below 80 degrees, she started yelling about how much money I was costing her by making the air conditioning system run so much. While she was yelling, her face turned purple with anger. I left the apartment without saying anything. When I returned, I told Angela to find a new roommate by the end of August because I would be moving out.heating and air

A good day that turned bad

Yesterday started off as such a good day. I woke up in a good mood, got the kids off to school with no hassles, was waited on immediately at Starbucks, and made it to work with time to spare. My co-workers all seemed to be in pretty good moods. The project we had been working on was just about complete, and everyone was getting excited to present it to our boss. Things were going along great. I finished out my work day with a meeting with my boss. She gave me high praises for the work I had been doing and then, she told me that I was getting a raise. Could this day possibly get any better? I was so happy. Things started to turn sour on my way home. I got stuck in a traffic jam for almost an hour.  When I got home, the kids were yelling and fighting. I wasn’t about to let any of this spoil my wonderful day. Then, I realized that the kids were fighting because they were blaming each other for turning the thermostat off. It was overly hot in our house, which only added to their foul moods. While trying to settle this argument, it appeared that no one had turned off the thermostat. The air conditioner had just stopped running. I fiddled with the thermostat for a while but nothing got it to work. Now, this was going to ruin my wonderful day. I had to call the HVAC company, who came out to the house right away. They fixed it, and the house cooled off pretty quickly. So did the kids. I was still happy I got a raise today. It’ll help pay for my air conditioner repair.HVAC service

Is it a necessity or luxury?

Much can be said about the progress of our society. Some of those things will be bad and some will definitely be good. I am more interested in the things we can do to provide more positivity in those discussions. As such, I am inclined to write about the necessity of climate control systems within all homes and workplaces, as well as schools. Primarily though, I am focusing on the impact of creating a federal law that mandates that all homes be provided a functioning HVAC unit. Of course any homeowner can choose whether or not to use it or hook it up officially, but those who rent or are first time home buyers should always have an HVAC unit included. With so many elderly and people battling crippling diseases this is easily one of the best laws any governing body could make. Turn on the news throughout the summer and winter seasons and you’ll see that there are far too many people dying due to lack of proper climate control systems. With temperatures regularly soaring above the 100 degree mark across the country people without AC are in serious danger. And it’s common for temps to dip well below freezing throughout the winter as well. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to fireplaces, and box fans just don’t always cool the temperature enough. With such a risk to people’s lives, I wholeheartedly believe the climate control should be considered equal to power and plumbing services. Not only will this save lives but offer a great opportunity to create jobs as more HVAC units will be needed and those already installed will require routine service.


A bad roofing installation

When it comes to remodeling jobs on my house, I have a long list of horror stories.  About a year ago, I decided to replace the roof on my home, and hired a roofing contractor to handle the job.  The contractor backed his work with a thirty-year warranty, so I figured I was safe.  Within a few months, the shingles started to curl and peel off.  I began finding pieces of shingles all over the lawn.  I tried calling the contractor to repair the roof, but I couldn’t get a hold of him.  Then I found out that the contractor had hired a subcontractor to do the work on my roof.  Because he never paid the subcontractor for the work, that guy put a lien on my home.  I managed to get the financial issues sorted out, but my roof was still a giant mess.  I ended up taking my roofing contractor to court and hiring a new roofing guy to fix the problem.  I should have done a thorough background check on the original roofing contractor before hiring him.  If I had, I would have found out that his company has an unsatisfactory rating with the Better Business Bureau.  I would have learned that thirty customers had filed complaints about the guy in the last two years.  I could have saved myself a great deal of time and aggravation.  I’ve spoken with friends and neighbors about this disaster, and many of them have shared their own roofing horror stories.  The next time I need any repairs done on my roof, I will ask around for recommendations and read reviews online.

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A clanking furnace

Everyone says the economy is tough, but I don’t think many people actually understand how awful it is. I went from having a good job, with health care and retirement savings, to living paycheck to paycheck within a year. After layoffs and heavy inflation, it’s hard to save anything, let alone save enough to buy a proper home. At the moment, I’m living in a rented trailer in the middle of a trailer park outside of the city. I still have my car, at least, but it’s not much consolation when I’m driving home to a metal box with furniture I found on the side of the road and picked up for free. One of the worst aspects of living in a trailer park is how abysmal the climate control is. Whenever the sun is out and the weather is warm, the whole thing heats up like a darn oven. I can’t afford the electricity required to run my window A/C unit for more than a little while every day, so until the sun goes down, I suffer in the heat. Sometimes, on the weekends, I can go hang out at a friend’s place and live vicariously through their air conditioning, but that’s not a great substitute for actually having a comfortable living environment in my own home. As frustrating as it used to be, now I actually miss hearing the clanking of my furnace as it started up, or the annoying hum and whistle of my air conditioning unit in my old apartment.

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Getting a small space heater for my room

As someone finishing high school, I’m required to take a ridiculous number of exams. From state exams to national evaluations, there always seems to be another test on the horizon. I know that at the end of senior year, I’ll have a whole new wave of long-form essays and multiple choice forms to fill out. For now, just finishing up the first half of senior year is bad enough. Finals week is more of an endurance test against the cold than anything else, really. I hate sitting in air conditioning for longer than a few minutes at a time, and lately my school seems to blast the A/C any time students are in the cafeteria and exams are taking place. Every time I go into an exam with an essay section, I come out of it with freezing cold hands that are extremely stiff. It’s absolutely miserable sometimes. I have to go home right away and sit right in front of the freezer or the oven to make my hands heat up enough to do anything else. The other night I went to work on a group project, and my knuckles were so stiff that I could barely write. For Christmas this year, I am definitely asking for a small space heater for my room. That way, I can just set it on my desk and use it for the sole purpose of warming up my hands. Maybe then my hands won’t hurt as badly when I try to write or work on anything. I hope that when I get to college, my university will have a more reasonable outlook on climate control. I don’t think I can handle any more freezing cold air blowing down my neck from overhead ducts.

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My gas heater works great

My parents have a fireplace in their house.  Their fireplace is absolutely gorgeous.  My grandfather was a skilled mason, and he built it out of white marble.  It serves as a wall between the living room and family room, so it is double sided.  As a kid, I spent lots of hours sitting on the marble hearth.  I don’t remember having more than one actual fire in it, the whole time I was growing up.  Building a fire was a lengthy, dirty, and involved process.  We had to go out in the snow and cold to get the wood, and then carry it inside.  The wood was sticky with sap, and had bugs in it.  My mother was very unhappy about all the dirt that got ended up in our house.  It seemed to take forever to get the fire going.  I liked the sound and smell of the fire, but it created quite a bit of smoke and soot.  The whole house ended up stinking like a campfire.  Looking back, I understand why my mother never wanted to have a fire in the fireplace.  After I moved out, my parents converted the fireplace to natural gas.  They can now have a fire whenever they want.  My mom and dad have a wireless remote, and they can adjust the temperature from anywhere in the room.  Instead of just having the maximum heat of a fire, they determine the perfect temperature.  The fire is still wonderfully warm and enjoyable to watch, but it is completely clean, quiet, and safe.  Changing to a natural gas fireplace was a smart decision for my parents.

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Enjoying my heater

I hate living with a roommate because she is so loud. My roommate has to be the loudest person on the planet. When she is awake it is like the entire world is awake. My roommate always opens her dressers and closet really loud. When she takes a shower bright and early in the morning, she will sing. She then will use her hair dryer really early in the morning. It is impossible to sleep in the same apartment as her. I never know what to do about it. Do I tell her she is being rude and loud? Do I ask her to move out? I figured out an easy solution. I get overheated a lot when I sleep. Due to this I bought a ductless mini-split air conditioner for my bedroom. The air conditioner unit makes a soft humming noise. The cooling system makes a loud enough noise that I no longer hear my roommate in the morning. I get to sleep through the night. I love that I am no longer tired in the morning. Also owning an awesome air conditioner is great too. I love having the ability to alter the temperature of the cooling system. I have a smart thermostat with my ductless mini-split. So if I hear my roommate in the morning, I turn on my cooling system. The cooling system makes a loud enough noise that I fall back asleep instantly. I get to feel comfortable and have a nice sound of the air conditioning to get me to sleep. I no longer have to hate my roommate for being loud.