Dealing with my thermostat settings

I detest waking up to phlegm in my throat, or ears that feel filled with water. I hate a dry throat and when my nostrils and eyes tend to be crusty. I don’t have an cooling system in my summer apartment so we tend to keep our windows open. The idea isn’t too bad during the night time when my body temperature isn’t unpleasant. But sometimes my spouse opens up my bedroom windows and drapes before I get up, and the light and cold air wake me up. I never open them at night for fear of these terrible feelings I hate. Nevertheless, the bathroom has beautiful, freshly installed heated floors. I’ve dreamt of getting something just like this for so long. Often times I wake up with no heating of any kind. We have a furnace for winters but we rarely use it. It’s a hassle because the furnace is in the apartment below us, and we never seem to get down there at a convenient time to flick it on. The heated floors honestly keep me happy. I find myself sitting in the bathroom for so much longer than I even ought to just because it feels so nice and warm on my feet. Sometimes, when I turn off my shower, the cold air hits me like a hundred bricks. I hate that feeling a lot of. But then I put my feet on my heated floors and everything seems rosy. I even try to do mindless tasks like crossing issues off my to-do list, or making phone calls in the bathroom just as a result of heated floors.

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