Harsh weather conditions

I actually clearly remember the cold days of winter around my youth and how we would go a month without seeing the sunshine. It was always great to experience those snow days when I got to stay home and watch cartoons, or, if I was really lucky, play outside with my sled. I recall being layered in sweaters and coat, and needing to keep lotion and lip balm on always. Even inside the house, where the furnace air would dry everything out, my lips would crack and bleed if I didn’t wear protection on them. Sometimes, it could be so dry that everything you touched would set off a shock due to the static. It was so uncomfortable and annoying that when I bought my own house, I made sure to have a humidifier installed onto my HVAC system. As I’ve found out, not only is this much more comfortable, but it saves on heating costs. Moist air is much, much easier to heat because the heat is easily absorbed by the water in the air, and, I can set the thermostat below what I could with a drier atmosphere. It’s also much better for the house and furniture when it’s much less dry, and my couches and chairs feel warmer to take a seat on. Cracks can appear in anything when it’s overly dry. Many people who live in the same cold winter area spot the difference immediately when they come to my house, and mention the air feels cozy. I never need to be worried about protecting my skin and lips in my house, and those annoying static shocks are a distant memory of my childhood.

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