I just can’t fix my air conditioner

I enjoy taking my dog for a walk every morning. I try to tire him out so that he his sleepy enough to relax throughout the day. I try to stay out with him for as long as I can. I would say we are gone for about an hour. This is plenty of time for my dog to become tired. He is a rather big dog and needs to go on significantly longer walks than other dogs. When we went back that morning I made breakfast and continued on with my day. I noticed as the day went on that I was getting warmer. I did not think it would eventually be the house. I thought I was moving around too much and should rest. I tend to not get that warm inside though, but found that I was getting warmer and warmer as the day went on. I thought there was no way that I was getting that warm. I then looked at the thermostat in the house and saw it was considerably warmer than what it was set to. I knew it was not really me now and that it was actually the home. I was sitting inside and not even realizing that it was the home itself. I called my HVAC company. I always panic because I know that I cannot fix the AC myself because I would be sure to make a bigger mess of things. The HVAC technician is a professional and is capable of fixing it for me. They could actually come help me that moment which was great. The problem ended up being that there was not any refrigerant left. The system was still running nevertheless and was putting warm air straight into my home. I could not believe I somehow got a crack in my refrigerant tank.

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