I’m really hoping my A/C is still okay

It is the beginning of summer and I just now took out my air conditioner. I have had it only a few years and it was given to me, so it isn’t exactly a new visionary unit but it has always worked just fine! I live in an apartment but I am able to store my air conditioner and some other things in the basement when needed. When I got it in place into my apartment, I realized it had been damaged. It was rusting and the filter had holes in it from a mouse getting into it. I was so grossed out just thinking about it. I remember this past winter the basement flooded, but I did not think about my air conditioner! I do not have a lot of money so I tried to still place it in my window no matter what. I finally got it all set up but, as I thought, it wasn’t working. Not even just that, but it made a huge mess in my room. Water spilled everywhere! I wish my landlord would just pay the funds to get us new a HVAC system that provided central air. Especially now that her basement ruined my air conditioning unit and I have to make more money or sweat all the summer long! I think I want to write a note to her and explain the specific situation, maybe she will deduct a little from my rent this month so I can buy a new air conditioner. It isn’t my fault the basement flooded actually. I do know that the moment my lease is up that we are looking for an apartment that comes with a new HVAC system with reliable air conditioning. heat pump