Malfunctions with my HVAC products

I procrastinate terribly. I never filled my vehicle’s gas tank until it was about empty; I left papers for the very last minute while I was in high school; I wouldn’t go grocery shopping until I was out of everything–basically, the normal procrastinating things that every procrastinator does. This past week, my procrastination went to a new level of leaving me with no air conditioning. I’d known that I should’ve had an HVAC technician come out to service my HVAC equipment for some time, but just did not wish to spend the money or time to have it fixed. The unit was not broke, or so I imagined, then I persuaded myself thinking I could take care of the issues it had. I procrastinated, for the same reason as normal, although this time, I knew it would hurt me in the end. Just a few days later it did that. The HVAC unit completely quit working. I was super upset with myself! If I reached out to a repairman earlier, maybe I wouldn’t have to handle this annoyance! Now, I had to suffer without A/C for days because every HVAC company within the capital region was booked solid! As I was waiting for an HVAC appointment, I figured that my procrastination went far enough. I thoroughly cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. I organized my storage bins. I filled up my car. I went shopping early. I took clothing that I didn’t wear to consignment stores. I was surely still quite upset that my HVAC equipment broke down, but it was really good for me that it finally kicked me away from my procrastination habit!

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